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Overview of Guardian Digital

Who We Are

Founded in 1999 by Dave Wreski, an open source Internet security pioneer, Guardian Digital provides a security-as-a-service email protection model that blocks today’s sophisticated threats to email integrity. Guardian Digital has been involved with open source and email security since the beginning and continues to innovate the email security marketplace using technology unavailable from any other vendor.


Our Solutions

EnGarde Cloud Email Security solution uses the unparalleled flexibility and security of open-source software to safeguard your business’ email assets and your people. Guardian Digital works to create an end-to-end cloud-based email infrastructure solution for your business that is both scalable and customizable.

Safeguarding Your Business

EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides anti-virus, anti-fishing, anti-spam content security by providing:

Multi-layered security protocols

Phishing and Business Email Compromise protection

Webmail and secure client access

Integrated firewall & intrusion detection

Centrally managed cloud-based administration

Privacy controls

Inbound and outbound protection (end-to-end email infrastructure management)

Advanced machine-learning that anticipates new threats and stops them before they infiltrate your business.


Real-Time Protection, Real-Time Results.
Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security


Management Team

David Wreski, President and CEO

Kelly Haggerty, Chief Financial Officer

Greg Strange, Vice President of Engineering

Brittany Day, Director of Marketing

Justice Levine, Director of Communications


Guardian Digital's customers include multinational enterprises, academic institutions, medical and healthcare enterprises, and government agencies, including:

Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission

The Georgia Dept. of Agriculture

The Department of Space — Indian Space Research Organisation

Sony Entertainment Group, AT&T New Zealand

Aalborg Instruments

Kintel Wireless

Piedmont Natural Gas

Best Western International



103 Godwin Ave, Suite 314, Midland Park, NJ, United States, 07432

+1 (201) 962-7300

Press Contact: Justice Levine

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