SaaS Email Security Offers Seamless Implementation & Cost Saving - Resulting in a Rapid ROI for Businesses

The cloud has been quickly adopted by enterprises in order to reduce costs, increase agility and provide business expertise. These same types of advantages also apply to using SaaS based email security services. This emerging model of SaaS offers the potential to level the playing field between cyber-offense and cyber-defense as never before.

What Is SaaS Email Security and Why Is It Beneficial?

Software as a service (SaaS) email security is subscription-based and centrally hosted solution that offers quick and easy implementation, simplified management at no upfront capital costs for businesses. Choosing a SaaS email security solution enables organizations to reduce the cost and complexity associated with securing their email, freeing up valuable IT resources and resulting in a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Both the prevalence and the severity of email-borne threats continue to increase, with 95% of cyber attacks on enterprise networks beginning with a spear phishing email. A successful attack can have serious consequences for organizations including financial loss, significant downtime and permanent reputation damage. Thus, implementing effective and efficient SaaS email defenses is more critical than ever to businesses’ safety and success.

Protect Your Users, Your Data and Your Brand with Guardian Digital’s SaaS Email Security Services

Guardian Digital’s all-in-one SaaS Email security suite provides organizations with threat-ready, fully-supported email defenses. EnGarde is remotely managed around the clock by a team of security experts - ensuring that the platform, along with your network, your email infrastructure and your key assets, are secured against persistent and emerging attacks. 

Guardian Digital’s SaaS Email Protection Offers Seamless Implementation and Fully-Managed Services - Resulting in a Rapid ROI for Businesses.

For IT teams working with limited resources and juggling competing priorities, our solution can help simplify, streamline and optimize email defenses - improving your business’s security and productivity. As a cloud-based subscription service, EnGarde requires no hardware to be installed, no software to be purchased and no infrastructure to be managed. For a predictable and affordable subscription fee, businesses receive threat-ready email vigilance, expert, accessible customer support and the invaluable peace of mind that they can devote time and resources to aspects of business besides email protection without sacrificing the security of their key assets.

A Comprehensive, Innovative SaaS Email Security Solution

Key features and benefits of our EnGarde Cloud Email Security’s SaaS business email protection include:

  • Keeps organizations of all sizes and in all industries ahead of persistent and emerging email threats
  • Protects against phishing, ransomware, anti spam and other email-borne exploits
  • Safeguards sensitive data and prevents email fraud
  • Fortifies cloud email against credential phishing and account takeovers
  • Enhanced security through a modern, multi-layered design 
  • Seamless integration with all existing mail systems 
  • Complete end-to-end control of your email infrastructure
  • Premium 24x7x365 customer support services

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