Why Should Businesses Outsource Email Security?

While small-scale attacks on personal emails accounts are certainly significant, phishing and viruses will leave their mark on a business of any size.

Why Should Businesses Outsource Email Security?

From a small team of 20 to a larger team of 200, all businesses are at risk as email threats continue to evolve to become increasingly complex and dangerous. Third-party email security providers like Guardian Digital exist to support businesses of any size in combating cyber threats through a combination of advanced technology and expert ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and support

Is Outsourcing Email Security the Best Choice?

Some companies will choose to handle security in-house, having complete monetary and efficiency control. While this may be preferred for reasons such as cost; this level of control can lead to a complete loss of control. Nearly a decade ago we witnessed one of the worst examples of this. In 2013, Adobe’s in-house security was breached, exposing over 38 million Adobe accounts with the information of three million credit cards stolen. Not to mention the exposed emails that were flooded with phishing and spam messages. 

This is a large misstep, but smaller ones including poor employee education, security awareness, and poor strategy can all affect a business on top of in-house security. While in-house email security may be cheaper, it is certainly not worth the risk.

What Does a Third-Party Email Security Provider like Guardian Digital Offer?

Hosted email protection services shield a company's mail infrastructure by standing in the middle of incoming data and IP addresses and the company’s email servers. By routing mail through a third-party email security system, the solution can intercept risky messages and eliminate fraudulent data from connecting directly to a business’s email server. Going through a third-party solution will also hide the email software the company uses, which prevents someone attempting to breach from knowing of any specific weaknesses of that particular software (especially if the programs or hardware happen to be older models). 

Outsourcing email protection is not only a good step in better company security, it is also a requirement to deter anyone attempting to breach a network. When used in conjunction with educating employees on security awareness and email safety, a company will be much safer from damaging cyberattacks and data breach.

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