Frequently Asked Question - Why Should Businesses Outsource Email Security?

While small-scale attacks on personal emails accounts are certainly significant, phishing and viruses will leave their mark on a business of any size.

FAQs: Why Outsource Businesses Email Security?

Phishing attacks and email viruses lead to compromised accounts and harmful business impacts. Outsourcing your email security solutions could be critical to improving security and guaranteeing your server a certain level of email protection. We have answered some of your most pressing questions about outsourced email security so you can prepare your business as needed.

What Are Outsourced Email Security Services?

Small- and medium-sized businesses tend to face higher quantities of email threats due to their inability to employ a sufficient IT team. Fortunately, some alternatives can help organizations get the email protection support they need. Companies usually hire a third-party organization specializing in web and email security. Such businesses can stop phishing emails and other email attack types from crossing your inbox through advanced technology and expert, ongoing system monitoring, maintenance, and support

Is Outsourcing Email Security the Best Choice?

email securityCompanies may choose to handle security within their organization, giving employees complete control over their configurations and monitoring practices. However, plans like these can leave companies even more susceptible to email threats since misconfigurations, human errors, and unpatched cybersecurity vulnerabilities can become apparent and incredibly damaging to an organization if not handled properly.

Adobe faced email security breaches in 2013 due to their poorly set up in-house security, exposing thirty-eight million accounts, permitting cybercriminals to steal credit card information, send phishing email attacks, and flood servers with spam.

Organizations must prepare employees through email security training and hire an outsourcing company to monitor and protect email.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Email Security?

Email protection software from a third-party outlet can shield your company’s infrastructure from data loss and reputational harm by standing in the middle of incoming email attack attempts, risky messages, and malicious attachments. A third-party source can quarantine emails they deem suspicious so you never see an untrustworthy message in your inbox. They can also hide themselves from cybercriminals, keeping email security breaches from hacking and intercepting the security setups.

Outsourcing email protection is almost required to deter cybercriminals from making multiple attempts on your server that could leave detrimental impacts. Hosting email security awareness programs and prioritizing general knowledge of security news can help prevent attacks.

What Does a Third-Party Email Security Provider like Guardian Digital Offer?

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email SecurityEnGarde Shield software is a multi-layered, comprehensive solution to email threats. Its defense-in-depth approach to email security makes it a robust and reliable third-party source for managing your business email without impacting your organization’s ability to complete daily tasks. Reduce the amount of time, energy, and resources you expend on attack prevention by hiring Guardian Digital IT professionals to oversee everything that crosses your computer so you can prevent any issue that heads your way. EnGarde offers a Dashboard where businesses can see what risks they face, who may have attempted a breach, and any security news organizations might want to know when continuing to use cybersecurity platforms online.

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