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As threat actors strengthen their options for email security breaches and phishing email attacks, organizations and their employees must increase their email protection by implementing data loss prevention and malware protection that can combat any email threat. The first step towards web and email security is incorporating a secure email service into your business that can disguise messages so hackers cannot read them.

Email encryption can protect passwords, login credentials, client information, and bank account numbers from any risk your company might face when exchanging emails. This article will explain email encryption, how it secures your company from known email threats, and the solution we offer when mitigating these email security issues.

How Can Email Threats Harm a Business?

Email has become the most widely used form of information sharing as employees exchange confidential data, including financial documents, customer intel, and intellectual property. Unfortunately, cybercriminals target companies knowing that cloud email users facing harmful phishing campaigns can do little once a hacker steals credentials and compromises company systems. Threat actors’ sophisticated attacks can cause severe business implications, including data loss, significant downtime, reputation damage, and destroyed web and email security. Therefore, organizations must use email encryption methods to make it easy for workers to send secure emails without dealing with these risks frequently.

What Is Secure Email or Email Encryption?

email encryptionCompanies started to use email encryption to disguise the information their employees send online. Email encryption focuses on masking private, sensitive credentials from those who should not be accessing such data. All messages have a code, or encryption, that only the sender and recipient have. When the recipient sees the email, they can use the code to decrypt the message so they can see and use the credentials inside. Utilizing this method of email exchanges keeps companies significantly safer from email security breaches.

Email encryption guarantees organizations a secure email by keeping outsiders from being able to access private information that cybercriminals typically search for when attempting to hack into a company’s system. As a result, workers can continue daily operations, reassured that they can send secure emails with robust email protection software to combat all known email threats.

Email Encryption and Secure Email FAQs

Here are a couple of questions new users have regarding how email encryption works:

Why Should I Use Secure Email Instead of Regular Email?

Organizations might be hesitant to use secure email encryption to protect their company. Workers may find it to be time-consuming and confusing, which can turn them away from wanting to give encryption a try. However, email encryption automatically guarantees users a specific degree of email protection since they can only exchange sensitive data in code-protected messages.

Indeed, there are a lot of secure email platforms that can make incorporating email encryption into a system overwhelming and stressful. Many traditional approaches require that the sender and recipient use and understand how to use the encryption methods and access keys. Secure email could require both parties to download data encryption software into their system.

However, Guardian Digital offers a solution that only asks workers to install the email security software. From there on, the tech support at Guardian Digital managed exchanges between senders and recipients, so nobody needed to be concerned about how email encryption worked when sending sensitive data.

What Are the Benefits of Using Email Encryption?

Regular email only offers some advantages that email encryption provides to secure email users. Here are a few benefits to consider when switching to secure email:

  • Confidentiality: Ensure your messages have a specific level of integrity, as no threat actor can intercept and alter exchanged messages since email encryption prevents unauthorized access.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Hackers and cybercriminals cannot access the credentials exchanged in a message, so you never have to worry about sending sensitive data.
  • Compliance: Email encryption services follow any legal and regulatory requirements for swapping financial information and healthcare records.
  • Authentication: Recipients can open messages knowing the email security server has checked and verified the sender’s email address as safe.
  • Reputation: Businesses can demonstrate their dedication to web and email security by utilizing email encryption to protect client information.

Guardian Digital’s EnGarde Cloud Email Security Services

emailsecurityHere at Guardian Digital, we offer EnGarde Cloud Email Security software that keeps sending secure emails simple while protecting the privacy and security of your inbound and outbound emails. We enable users to communicate online quickly, easily, and safely when sending confidential credentials and sensitive data. Such email protection is made possible by the valuable administration and IT resources we provide to users so that web and email security can be clear and convenient.

EnGarde scans messages with its layered detection engine that checks for viruses, malware, and malicious codes. You can look at messages knowing our advanced email authentication protocols verified the sender to protect your organization against online email spoofing, data loss, and sender fraud.

Here are a few of the key benefits and features EnGarde offers to users:

  • Send secure emails and stay on top of emerging email threats in any business of any size.
  • Ensure phishing prevention and ransomware protection, and avoid other email exploits.
  • Prevent email fraud by safeguarding sensitive data through encryption.
  • Fortify cloud email to combat credential phishing and account takeovers.
  • Enhance security with our modern, multi-layered web and email security design.
  • Simplify administrative controls to integrate services into all email systems seamlessly.
  • Oversee end-to-end encryption within your email infrastructure
  • Receive 24/7/365 customer support service from our IT department

Final Thoughts on Securing Digital Communications with Email Encryption

Understanding how email encryption works and how it can benefit your business is crucial to making the proper decision for what you do to protect your organization from email threats. Email encryption disguises sensitive data so that hackers cannot use such information to their advantage. Email security services that offer such protection measures can strengthen your online interactions, guarantee business integrity, and help you avoid data breach that could harm your company’s reputation. Consider Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security, a software that handles email encryption for its clients so businesses can focus on other parts of their company. Using EnGarde is one of the best practices for email security that all companies should implement.

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