How Can I improve Office 365 Security?

Defense-in-depth is essential in improving Office 365 security. Implementing a remotely-managed cloud email security solution that seamlessly complements Office 365 default protection with critical additional layers of defenses is the best way to improve Office 365 security.

How Can I improve Microsoft 365 Security?

Without additional layers of advanced protection, this popular cloud platform is highly vulnerable - leaving users susceptible to credential phishing, malware infections and other dangerous attacks. Email is cyber criminals preferred attack vector in Microsoft 365 - 95% of cyberattacks are initiated with a spear phishing email. Some other tips for securing Microsoft 365 include:

  • Choose a strong password and enable multi-factor authentication.
  • Ensure that Azure AD password sync is configured correctly.
  • Enable mailbox auditing and unified audit logging in the Security and Compliance Center.
  • Disable legacy email protocols (if not required).
  • Turn on audit data recording for Microsoft 365.

Be Wary of Critical Microsoft 365 Email Security Gaps 

Watch for critical email security gaps in Microsoft 365 that can lead to phishing and ransomware attacks. To protect against the most sophisticated attacks, email security must provide more than basic signature detection and blocklists provided by Microsoft.

The widespread concerns about cybersecurity and software's cloud-based nature (such as Microsoft 365) mean companies need to be hyper-vigilant about keeping their sensitive data from prying eyes. Microsoft's basic email security features available relies only on traditional filtering techniques, ineffective against today's most malicious threats. Microsoft 365 advanced email security provided by Guardian Digital is an industry-leading solution that is deployed by businesses who care about their data, brand & employees.

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