Email Security Intelligence - Dave Wreski: A Passionate Engineer Brings the Power of Open Source to Business Email Security

Dave Wreski recognized the power of Open Source two decades ago.  Already an established internet security expert and Network Architect at UPS, Dave was captivated by the power of open-source development.  He was soon to discover that this model could be used as a vehicle for solving complex digital security needs. He recognized that the open-source model-  where resources could be shared by a worldwide community-  was the vehicle that would drive internet security into the 21st century. 

A Clear Vision

His passion for open source development- and seeing its potential as a tool to fend off hackers- led to his creation of the first open source internet security company: Guardian Digital in 1999. That same year, Wreski’s desire to give back to the community led to the creation of, where Linux users can find a comprehensive, interactive platform for the latest open source security-related information.  

Since that time, Guardian Digital has narrowed its focus to email security and has become the premier open-source email security provider, counting Best Western International, Piedmont Natural Gas and the Chicago Stock Exchange among its marquee customers.   

A Life-Changing Event

But Wreski’s path to this success was not without serious obstacles. At age 25, while beginning his work at UPS, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  He endured many years of chemotherapy and radiation until he received a stem-cell transplant in 2007. The recovery period was difficult and Wreski still faces health-related challenges today.  But his outlook is positive and focused. “I have a great team in place and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by like-minded people who I can rely on”, he says,  “I truly feel like I have been given a second chance at life - I feel better than I have in 25 years!” 

A Revolution in Business Email Security

The ever-evolving email threat landscape is more dangerous and complex than ever. Effective email protection is critical to businesses’ safety and success.  Under Wreski’s leadership, Guardian Digital is successfully meeting the complex email security needs of companies of all sizes with adaptive, real-time email protection.  And while Wreski keeps a sharp eye on all aspects of email security, he is also keen on providing top-class customer support, ease of implementation and cost-effectiveness.

Never Settling, Always Improving

And this is only the beginning.  Wreski is in the process of refining his premier email security solution, EnGarde Cloud Email Security and looks forward to forming meaningful partnerships and taking on new clients in the coming decade.  He summarizes the global impact that Guardian Digital is having on business email security: "Through the use of open-source development and decades of engineering expertise, we keep businesses ahead of the latest email attacks, including phishing, business email compromise and wire fraud.”

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