Email Security Intelligence - Demystifying Email Encryption: Stop Sender Fraud

You have probably heard of email encryption by this point, as its prominence in the media has spotlighted these cybersecurity solutions. However, there is a lot of debate regarding how effective it can be for companies. This service can help provide any company with a successful email security strategy by protecting sensitive data and login credentials that could otherwise result in data loss.

Business email providers must properly configure their platforms to prevent misleading users. Email encryption requires complex setup and ongoing maintenance that most organizations need more time and energy to employ correctly. Fortunately, email security has a variety of less complicated and expensive options. This article will discuss email encryption, a few FAQs, and the solution we offer at Guardian Digital to protect your business.

What is Email Encryption? Why Is It Important?

Email Encryption in TransitEmail encryption is the process of encoding information to make it accessible to authorized parties only, protecting in-transit data from email threats that could result from data leaks and general email security breaches. When you send an email, services add coding to a message so that only the recipient, who has the decryption code, can unlock and read the email. Utilizing encryption can add another layer of safety to your software that you may not otherwise get with built-in safety features.

How Does Email Encryption Work?

Download SPF, DKIM, and DMARC email authentication protocols to combat sender fraud while protecting your information. These services supplement SMTP to detect forged messages and spoofed emails. Email authentication focuses on securing email communications, so implementing these protocols is critical in a robust, all-intensive email security software.

Email Encryption FAQs

There are a variety of questions that users are concerned about when deciding whether or not to use email encryption. Here are the most common inquiries we can clarify for you.

Why Do People Use Email Encryption?

Customers typically install email encryption as an extra layer of email security to protect their messages. Hence, they never have to worry about their information being at risk of an attack. Having email authentication in place can boost your email protection more than built-in features can alone, making them beneficial to users.

Is It a Good Idea to Use Email Encryption?

Email encryption gives organizations the peace of mind that threat actors cannot compromise accounts, steal data, or infiltrate servers. Installing an email authentication solution would be advantageous if you are worried about any of these email security issues or anything along the same wavelength. Then, you can spend time and energy on other operations rather than how you exchange private data.

What Happens If You Do Not Encrypt Emails?

An email encryption service can make you more susceptible to email security breaches and data loss attacks that could harm your company. The amount of financial issues, company downtime, and reputational damage could leave your business fighting to obtain the stability you once had. You can combat these risks with email encryption so they never become a problem.

Consider these questions when considering the best email security practices you can implement for your business. Email encryption can keep companies from the most dominant risks known today, so consider using one to guarantee more robust cybersecurity platforms for your business.

How Can I Send a Secure Email With Encryption?

spf dkim dmarcIntegrating a defense-in-depth software is critical in strengthening your online safety. Implement SPF, DKIM, and DMARC email authentication since they work well together and separately. A multi-layered, comprehensive cloud email option can deliver your system the best email security software to ensure you have the most robust security posture possible.

Guardian Digital implements email encryption to its fullest through EnGarde Cloud Email Security, which combines SPF, DMARC, and DKIM to build a secure tunnel between mail systems, providing complete end-to-end email protection. EnGarde’s modern open-source design features advanced encryption technologies that work harmoniously to secure email interactions and prevent sophisticated phishing email attacks, including spear phishing, ransomware, malware, and Business Email Compromise issues. Seamlessly integrate EnGarde into your organization’s email infrastructure to provide simple but effective protection for your company.

Keep Learning About Email Encryption

Email encryption protects sensitive data as it travels across platforms, preventing phishing and other email-borne attacks. This service codes messages so only the recipient can view the private information. Organizations use email encryption to stop hackers from accessing confidential information. Companies that fail to implement email authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC email options harm daily operations, as breaches decrease a company's web and email security. Prioritize a solid, multi-layered email authentication protocol that is reputable and well-designed. Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security software is robust and one of the best practices for email security you can utilize in this modern email threat landscape.

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