Open-Source Security Advantage

Open source is the most effective method for developing secure and reliable software on the planet. It is inherently secure by design because it relies on a transparent exchange of information, technology, and collaborative development. Because Guardian Digital is a pioneer in open-source software, enterprise email solutions, and cyber security, it is committed to open-source development and innovation. Our enterprise email security solutions are more flexible and more effective as a result.

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Real-time Enterprise Cloud Email Solutions

Because Guardian Digital’s solutions are built on our advanced cloud platform that combines open-source technologies with the security expertise of our engineers, the result is a system that updates rapidly and learns over time to protect your business email from advanced and persistent threats. Our worldwide network of systems works cohesively to collect billions of data points using big data analytics, our own algorithms, and machine learning to update systems with the latest real-time information. This reduces the exposure to zero-day threats as well as the largest spam campaigns around the globe.  

Open-source development also allows Guardian Digital to customize your email security platform to your specific needs. Better yet, it allows us to do this without jeopardizing your bottom line.

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Our Open-Source Commitment

We are proud to be a citizen of the open-source community. We know, from decades of open-source development expertise, that using open-source methodology for securing digital information creates a more robust and secure platform precisely because its core components have been subjected to rigorous peer review for decades.

Since its inception in 1999, Guardian Digital has recognized that the open-source model provides the best approach to the problem of maintaining security in the relentlessly dynamic environment of the internet.

The ideals that the open-source community follows and hold dear — community engagement, openness, collaboration — are also the ideals that Guardian Digital holds among its main tenets. It’s a reflection of an environment that is highly collaborative, and where the best solution always comes out ahead. In this environment — where flexibility, choice, and an affordable costs are built into the process — Guardian Digital customers win.

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Open-Source Collaboration

Our collaborative open-source development approach:

  • Fosters rapid innovation as a competitive advantage, with ideas coming from multiple independent sources
  • Provides design diversity as a strategy
  • Promotes an inclusive environment and values diverse perspectives
  • Improves reliability through much larger deployments
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership
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Best in Class Email Security Solution

Guardian Digital is the first email security company to take the best-in-class tools of the Linux community and integrate them into enterprise email solutions with an intense focus on security and unrivaled customer support.

We have engineered an unprecedented level of open-source security that has made Guardian Digital a pioneer in business email protection and trusted by clients worldwide for almost twenty years.

Guardian Digital continues to innovate, while constantly improving our existing software and service offerings. Towards that end, we created, the internet's central source of news, insights, security advisories and other information about Linux and open-source security issues. Check out its re-launched new look, here.

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Open Source Security Projects

Guardian Digital has been an open-source innovator since the beginning, when its founder and CEO, Dave Wreski, realized that open-source software was the means to create a more secure system because of its versatility and collaborative development. Vetted by the world’s most innovative software engineers, an open-source infrastructure creates solid and adaptable systems that evolve with our changing technologies. Read more about the programs that Guardian Digital uses to create our unique email security solution, including its underlying foundation, EnGarde Secure Linux.