Ransomware By The Numbers: How Big Is My Risk?

As we continue to rapidly move toward an increasingly digital society, it is no secret that the dangers businesses and users face online have been drastically heightened due to remote workers’ increased reliance on cloud email, vulnerable cloud platforms and insecure behavior online. Ransomware is one of the most serious and persistent threats to all businesses - especially SMBs, who often face a shortage of cybersecurity resources and expertise.

But exactly how big is your ransomware risk? Let’s take a closer look at some key stats that will help answer this question.

2021 Ransomware Facts, Stats & Trends You Should Know

Ransomware prevention is far better than remediation. Ransomware victims face severe, lasting repercussions, unable to recover encrypted files, regain access to compromised systems and build back lost client trust. Luckily, the threat that ransomware poses to your businesses can be mitigated with proactive, multi-layered email security defenses and secure behavior online.

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