Email Security Intelligence - Guardian Digital and Mautic: A Dynamic Open-Source Duo

Guardian Digital has selected Mautic to help automate aspects of its marketing strategy and to successfully meet current and future marketing challenges. Mautic is excited about working with Guardian Digital, and recently conducted an interview with Guardian Digital CEO Dave Wreski and Sr. Manager of Customer Development Betty Friedel about why they chose Mautic and what they hope to accomplish with Mautic’s marketing automation services.

Wreski and Friedel recognize many aspects of Guardian Digital’s core philosophy in Mautic. Both companies utilize open-source development to provide their customers with highly effective and agile solutions that can be easily tailored to meet businesses’ individual needs. 

The Open Source Advantage

Open Source fosters rapid innovation and community involvement, and the open-source development model has the potential to give rise to flexible, high quality products offered at competitive prices. Wreski recognizes the advantages associated with an open-source philosophy, and this is the main reason that he chose Mautic. Wreski explains, “Like Mautic, Guardian Digital also has a passion for Open Source. We embrace Open Source’s exchange of information, technology, and collaborative development. It’s the basis for our success as a pioneer in email security. The more we got to know Mautic – the team and the technology – we could see that our businesses were kindred spirits in a sense. I feel strongly that when technology is born from collaboration, it is more thoughtful and complete.”

Through the combination of open-source technology and expert engineering, Guardian Digital’s premiere business email security solution, EnGarde Cloud Email Security, provides comprehensive, adaptive protection against sophisticated threats such as phishing and malware. Similarly, Mautic uses Open Source to demonstrate innovation through flexibility and transparency. Mautic’s solutions are able to integrate with different platforms and business infrastructures, not only “approved” ones.

Mautic was built for companies like Guardian Digital, with small marketing teams and big goals for this year and the future. Mautic is stable and scalable and, like Guardian Digital, the company offers expert onboarding and support services. Friedel elaborates on the importance of these characteristics: “Guardian Digital has a deep commitment to personalized customer service. But the existing tools out there haven’t made it easy – so many of them just aren’t built to accommodate a team like ours, whether that’s because of cost, ease-of-use, or promised capabilities and benefits.”

Successful business-to-business relationships are critical in achieving lofty marketing and sales goals. Both Guardian Digital and Mautic are very optimistic and excited about what the future has in store!

Read the full Guardian Digital and Mautic story at Mautic.

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