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Development Without Limits

The Advantages of an Open Development Approach to Business Email Security

Open Source- a development model that was once overlooked and belittled-  is now accepted and respected worldwide for the key benefits it offers businesses and consumers.  IBM is embracing it. They are basing their future on it. The City of Los Angeles is using open source to resolve infrastructure and transportation issues. Other companies that are known to use Open Source in their businesses include Amazon, Ticketmaster and Google.  This transparent, community-powered development model has the potential to benefit businesses and consumers across all industries, giving rise to some of the most effective and secure software, products and solutions on the market. 

Guardian Digital recognizes this. And for the past 20 years we have embraced Open Source to create and provide customers threat-ready, secure business email protection for businesses of every size. 


A Winning Philosophy

Open development is based upon the principles of accessibility, community involvement and support- where code is freely available for review and use. This approach fosters passionate participation and rapid innovation. The result is software and technology that is fast, highly secure, intuitive and resilient.  In this environment, products and programs based on open development are often superior to proprietary alternatives. 

Well-designed, openly developed technology provides:

Rapid fixes and fewer vulnerabilities 

Tighter security. Code is more thoroughly reviewed and vetted by the community and thus more impenetrable

Increased reliability with a worldwide community supporting a code base rather than one team within one company

Eliminated risk of vendor lock-in

Cost-effective, adaptable implementation for businesses of all sizes

Adherence to community values, ethics.  It’s developed by the same people who use it themselves

A Testament to the Benefits of an Open Development Approach to
Securing Email

Guardian Digital’s EnGarde email security program is based on a ground-breaking approach. Our engineers build and monitor security solutions using applications and resources in a way that no other vendor can.  It’s from this collaborative community that we create the basis for our solutions. Our engineers shape these applications into exceptionally resilient, cost-effective security tools- using our algorithms, our security expertise and decades of experience stopping malicious threats to business email.  

Long before its mainstream acceptance, Guardian Digital saw the value of the Open Source model.  And this is why today Guardian Digital’s solutions push the boundaries of email security advancements. 

We are never complacent. Our technicians are constantly building on this foundation, with a direct focus on email security. Two decades of email security systems expertise have given us a leg up on our competitors to provide state-of-the-art solutions to sophisticated, ever-changing and malicious email threats. 


Non-Stop Customer Service

An email security solution is only as good as its customer support. Our philosophy is simple: we’re always there- 24/7/365. We constantly monitor threats and update email systems.

It’s also a personalized approach. We build systems specific to environment.  Our systems are scalable. We can assist in long term projects such as upgrades and expansions.  We treat email security and support as equals in importance.  

This gives our customers the peace of mind to focus on their day-to-day business challenges. 

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