Frequently Asked Question - URL defense: Meaning, How it works & What Url Defense does?

With the rise in email attacks leveraging malicious URLs, implementing effective malicious URL protection is becoming an increasingly important aspect of businesses' cyber security strategy.

What is url defense

Various types of email attacks have leveraged malicious URLs. Therefore, businesses must ensure they have the email protection software necessary to combat URL threats that could cross their cybersecurity platforms.

Can I Get a Virus from Opening an Email?

While you cannot get a virus simply from opening a scam email, you must be cautious when approaching external links, downloads, and attachments to prevent encountering any embedded attack. Cybercriminals will put malicious links in spoofed emails, and when users open the messages and assume the emails are trustworthy, they will open the URL, permitting the infection to install itself on a server. Therefore, companies must install a malware URL scanner on their system that can perform antivirus scans to stop attacks in their tracks.

What is URL Defense?

URL Defense is a technique that identifies malicious links in messages to stop phishing emails before they reach the anticipated victim. Rather than URL Defense, many email security programs rely on URL rewriting to detect malicious emails. However, this strategy can provide a false sense of security, as users are more prone to opening harmful links when seeing that the rewrite labels the message “Safe” even when it is not. URL Defense ensures you can quarantine emails that could pose a threat before it is too late and someone has already opened the message.

Why Do I Need URL Defense to Scan Email for Viruses?

Implementing effective URL Defense helps create a safeguarded environment around a cocybersec tipsmpany, user, client, and any data on a server. URL Defense can mitigate any risk you might have when an employee downloads malicious spyware, malware ransomware, or other executable software on your system. Using malware URL scanners can make your server much safer and can assist your employees in preventing an attack before it is too late.

Some users think they are safe from email security breaches since they understand how to hover over a link to view a destination before they open the message. However, roughly ten percent of the population still would open a malicious link. Research shows that one in ten employees open a malicious URL, causing their organization to face data loss, significant downtime, reputational damage, and financial issues.

What Solution Does Guardian Digital Offer for URL Defense?

emailsecurityGuardian Digital utilizes a different web and email security approach to quarantine emails with malicious URLs before they harm your server. Security professionals will compare domains and hosts against common blocklists and scan destination websites to determine whether a link is safe for your computer.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security reliably detects and blocks all emails containing malicious links with their multi-layered cybersecurity platforms. EnGarde evaluates credential content to identify fraudulent, zero-day credential-phishing sites. Malicious emails never reach the recipient once EnGarde defines a message as an email threat.

Malicious URL email security technologies are most effective when part of a defense-in-depth email protection strategy. Consider EnGarde as a multi-layered cloud software solution that seamlessly integrates with cloud platforms to provide additional layers of defense. Incorporate software that will keep you safe from advanced, real-time malicious URLs while reducing the risk you may face through human error and misconfigurations. Read this article to learn about various email threats and how to strengthen your web and email security.

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