How Can Businesses Benefit from Cloud Email Security?

Fifty-six percent of Americans don’t know what steps to take to prevent data breach. Impacts of cyberattacks such sensitive information being leaked, trust amongst consumers, and financial losses have a large effect on any organization. For companies, it could take months for them to detect a data breach, putting their sensitive information at risk of being stolen during that time.This FAQ will explain and answer common questions about cloud email security and how it benefits businesses.  

What Is Cloud Email Security & How Does It Work?

Cloud email security uses cloud-based services to secure and protect email communications from unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. Cloud email security uses techniques like content filtering, encryption, and spam protection to prevent email-based threats like phishing and ransomware. To learn more about how cloud email security works, read our full Blog post on What Is Cloud Email Security & How Does It Benefit Businesses?. [Coming Soon!]

What Are Some Key Benefits of Cloud Email Security?


There are many benefits of investing in cloud email security, including:

  • Improved Threat Detection & Prevention: Advanced threat detection helps prevent phishing emails, malware, ransomware, and other malicious content from reaching the inbox.
  • Increased Email Availability: Increased email availability helps maintain continuity, communication, business operations, and overall productivity for an organization.
  • Simplified Email Management: Simplified email management helps enable consistent security policy enforcement. Centralized configuration helps simplify user experience, and administrators can control email security settings from a single location. 

To learn more about these benefits, read our full Blog post on What Is Cloud Email Security & How Does It Benefit Businesses? [Coming Soon!]

What Are Some Best Practices for Cloud Email Security?

Best practices for cloud email security include: 

  • Strengthen Your Email Security Strategy with Additional Layers of Protection: To protect against modern threats, businesses must implement defense-in-depth cloud email protection that is capable of anticipating and learning from emerging attacks.
  • Protect Against Spoofing, Impersonation & Fraud with Email Authentication: Email authentication protocols properly implemented by a trusted provider help combat phishing attacks and protect against other threats like email spoofing and business email compromise (BEC) by providing a way to verify that an email indeed comes from who it claims to be from. 
  • Invest in Fully-Managed vCISO Email Security Services: In order to fortify business email against today’s most targeted and sophisticated threats, it is essential that organizations have a fully-managed vCISO email security solution in place, designed to protect against the specific threats each individual business faces, extend IT resources, optimize efficiency, and provide invaluable peace of mind. 
  • Educate Employees About Email Security Risks: Educating your employees about different types of cyberattacks helps limit their risk of falling for a scam, mitigating the risk of breaches due to human error.
  • Enforce Strong Password Policies: Avoid reusing passwords across multiple accounts to reduce the chances of attackers gaining access to numerous accounts. It is recommended that you choose passwords that contain randomized letters, numbers, and special characters. 
  • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): If multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled on your account, attackers don't have the required credentials to access it.
  • Regularly Test & Update Security Measures: Security updates patch holes in security that threat actors could exploit. Keeping your software and applications up-to-date limits your risk of phishing attacks and attacks exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities.

To learn more about these best practices, read our full Blog post on What Is Cloud Email Security & How Does It Benefit Businesses?. [Coming Soon!]

Keep Learning About the Benefits of Cloud Email Security for Businesses 

Cloud-based email software alone isn’t enough to keep your account and information protected against modern and sophisticated cyberattacks. Attackers use powerful tools and technology to gain access to users' information. Multiple practices are crucial to ensure that you and your business have adequate protection. Keep learning about cloud email security by exploring the resources below and initiate these practices to protect your organization against cyberattacks and data breaches.

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