Press Release: Guardian Digital Bolsters Inadequate Default Email Security Defenses

Mar 6, 2022 -- Midland Park, N.J. - Guardian Digital safeguards businesses against damaging business email compromise (BEC) attacks that Gartner research confirms often go undetected by traditional email security defenses with a comprehensive, intuitive email security solution capable of blocking the most advanced and evasive threats.

 With industry leader Gartner warning that traditional methods of securing email are inadequate in combating business email compromise (BEC), Guardian Digital offers businesses the means of protecting against these dangerous, costly attacks with a cloud-based email security solution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

BEC has become a favorite method of attack among cyber thieves, as these scams are an easy way for them to inflict major damage on target organizations. By spoofing a trusted user, BEC requires no malware or malicious URL to convince a recipient to share valuable information or transfer significant amounts of money into the hands of the attacker. Gartner confirms that traditional methods of securing email like built-in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email protection are significantly limited in their ability to detect BEC attacks due to their fundamental architecture.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security goes beyond conventional methods of securing email, offering complete BEC protection with multiple layers of advanced technology coupled with expert, ongoing system monitoring, maintenance, and support.

Gartner Confirms Default Email Security Falls Short in Stopping BEC Attacks

According to Gartner’s findings, both Microsoft and Google fall short in protecting against BEC attacks, as their infrastructure cannot perform contextual analysis for each customer. Because they work with a surplus of companies and customers, they are unable to properly monitor each internal account to understand relationships, reputation patterns and conversation-style anomalies to detect account takeovers (ATOs) and BEC attacks. In addition, Microsoft and Google’s default protection takes a static, retrospective approach to identifying potential threats, failing to safeguard against human error, which plays a critical role in successful BEC attacks. 

Gartner has noted: “...due to the rise in business email compromises, account takeovers and other sophisticated attacks, many times some malicious emails are actually missed by Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 (MSDO)... …Therefore, organizations should strongly consider integrating third-party solutions to strengthen their email security capabilities.”

Guardian Digital Provides Complete BEC Protection with Advanced Technology & Fully-Managed Email Security Services

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security offers complete cloud-based email protection to block BEC and other malicious, ever-changing threats. EnGarde offers all the features and capabilities required to stop BEC attacks:

  • Protects against attacks that Google and Microsoft miss.
  • Machine Learning (ML) algorithms combine with a role-based, contextual analysis of email communications to identify threats that go undetected by Google and Microsoft.
  • Scanning and quarantine all emails and files in real-time using AI and ML techniques to protect against insider threats.
  • Complete account takeover (ATO) protection through behavioral analysis and the analysis of hundreds of thousands of email attributes. 

This layered technology is paired with the ongoing expert monitoring, maintenance, and guidance required for the rapid detection and elimination of BEC attempts and other potential threats. Key benefits of securing business email with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security include:

  • Makes email safe for business by defending against sophisticated and emerging threats with innovative real-time protection powered by Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).
  • Closes critical security gaps in native Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email protection to safeguard users and sensitive data against credential phishing and account takeovers.
  • Bolsters IT security, maximizes productivity, and simplifies deployment by providing assistance with setup and the ongoing system monitoring and maintenance required to ensure that key business assets remain safe.
  • Real-time cybersecurity business insights provided via the EnGarde Cloud Email Security Dashboard portal reduce risk exposure and enable improved cybersecurity business planning and better enforcement of company security policies.

About Guardian Digital

Guardian Digital, Inc. builds enterprise email solutions with an intense focus on security and unrivaled customer support, designed to ease information technology overhead for its customers. Since its inception in 1999, Guardian Digital has pioneered the open-source architecture security-as-a-service email protection model to block today and tomorrow’s sophisticated threats to email integrity. Guardian Digital continues to innovate the email security marketplace using technology unavailable from any other vendor. Its EnGarde Cloud Email Security leverages the benefits of open-source development, contemporary cloud technologies, and decades of combined experience protecting enterprises. Guardian Digital is dedicated to its customers and their safety is the very foundation of what the company offers and builds on in regard to business email protection.

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