Press Release: Guardian Digital Secures Business Email Against Phishing & Zero-Day Attacks Using Power of Open Source

Oct 29, 2021-- Midland Park, N.J. - Guardian Digital the premier open-source email security company, is using a unique combination of transparent, community-powered open-source development, expert ongoing system management and support services and real-time cybersecurity business insights to address increasingly sophisticated, ever-evolving email threats like spear phishing, ransomware and zero-day attacks.

The Modern Threat Landscape Is Complex & Dynamic

Over 90% of the cyberattacks and breaches that cripple businesses of all sizes daily with data loss, extensive downtime and severe, lasting reputational harm can be attributed to phishing. Zero-day attacks - or attacks exploiting a vulnerability before developers have had the opportunity to release a fix for it- are also becoming increasingly prevalent and problematic. Seventy-four percent of threats detected in Q1 of 2021 were zero day malware, or malware that does not match any existing antivirus signature, and thus goes undetected by traditional signature-based antivirus and endpoint security solutions.

The pandemic has led to an increased reliance on cloud email - which is highly vulnerable to attack without critical additional security defenses in place - to accommodate remote workers, providing cyber thieves with the ideal environment to launch malicious attacks designed to steal credentials, compromise accounts and spread dangerous ransomware. The homogeneous architecture of popular cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace makes it easy for attackers to bypass static native email protection. Cyber criminals can open any account, test their methods until they are able to bypass default filters, and reuse these methods in attacks targeting thousands of different accounts. Many of these scams employ social engineering tactics to manipulate psychology and stealthy fileless techniques to evade detection, making them even more likely to be successful. It is no surprise that despite the built-in email security provided by Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) in Microsoft 365, 85% of users have experienced an email data breach in the past year.

In this heightened digital threat environment, intuitive, adaptive email security defenses are needed to prevent attacks and make email safe for business, and the open-source development model provides a superior vehicle for engineering the caliber of protection required to combat modern phishing campaigns and zero-day exploits.

Open Source: A Powerful, Yet Underutilized Weapon in the Fight Against Phishing & Zero-Day Attacks

Since the inception of the Internet, Open Source has played a critical role in the development of the technologies and protocols that secure communications, and continues to power the Internet to this day. Email is powered by open standard protocols like SPF, DMARC and DKIM, and 67% of all web servers worldwide run on the open-source Linux OS. That being said, open-source development is shockingly underutilized in the realm of email security - and holds great promise in the ongoing fight against phishing and zero-day attacks.

In the collaborative, transparent open-source development model, developers, programmers, engineers and community members worldwide work together for the greater good to create, test and improve upon software and technology. The “many eyes” of the open-source community constantly scrutinizing open-source code results in exceptionally secure products and solutions, as vulnerabilities are rapidly identified and eliminated.

In an open-source model applied to the development of email security solutions, emails gathered from millions of systems from around the world are used to identify patterns and perform large-scale tests on filters and frameworks that have been developed to block malicious email. Results are then distributed back to the community, where the insight gathered is incorporated into millions of systems worldwide. The Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathered in this process results in real-time updates that help to contain and remedy new phishing campaigns and zero-day vulnerabilities discovered in one part of the world before they have a chance to spread.

Unlike in a proprietary development model, open-source email security providers can freely tap into global resources, tools and intelligence shared within the vibrant open-source community, equipping them with the input required to engineer exceptionally secure, resilient and cost-efficient solutions capable of evolving and growing quickly and easily to remain ahead of the threats that challenge their defenses.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Threat-Ready Open-Source Business Email Protection

Guardian Digital’s EnGarde Cloud Email Security is an SaaS cloud-based email security suite built using the open-source development model. The adaptive, multi-layered email protection system is engineered to mitigate the most advanced and targeted threats to business email through the development of detection techniques that evolve as quickly as these threats themselves, resulting in real-time updates, enhanced security, greater performance and superior phishing and zero-day protection. Coupled with ongoing, expert system monitoring, maintenance and support, Guardian Digital is able to provide cutting-edge email security solutions to successful businesses around the world.

“Our open-source development model provides a superior vehicle to deliver more secure, effective, and affordable phishing and zero-day protection to organizations of all sizes in all industries,” explains Dave Wreski, Guardian Digital Founder and CEO. “We draw on over two decades of knowledge and expertise in the realm of cybersecurity and open-source development, and use it exclusively to enhance our clients’ email security with a scalable, cost-effective product.”

Key benefits of Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security’s proactive, multi-layered business email protection include:

  • Makes email safe for business by defending against sophisticated and emerging threats with innovative real-time protection powered by Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

  • Closes critical security gaps in native Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email protection to safeguard users and sensitive data against credential phishing and account takeovers

  • Bolsters IT security, maximizes productivity and simplifies deployment by providing assistance with setup and the ongoing system monitoring and maintenance required to ensure that key business assets remain safe

  • Real-time cybersecurity business insights provided via the EnGarde Cloud Email Security Dashboard portal reduce risk exposure and enable improved cybersecurity business planning and better enforcement of company security policies

“Through the use of open-source applications as the basis for our email security solutions, we're able to help organizations protect their data from the latest, most advanced attacks," Wreski states. "The level of flexibility that our open-source framework provides for our services, combined with the increased efficacy seen in every release, enables us to continue to provide our clients - ranging from SMBs to enterprises worldwide - with best-of-breed email security solutions offered at competitive prices.”

About Guardian Digital

Guardian Digital, Inc. builds enterprise email solutions with an intense focus on security and unrivaled customer support, designed to ease information technology overhead for its customers. Since its inception in 1999, Guardian Digital has pioneered the open-source architecture security-as-a-service email protection model to block today and tomorrow’s sophisticated threats to email integrity. Guardian Digital continues to innovate the email security marketplace using technology unavailable from any other vendor. Its EnGarde Cloud Email Security leverages the benefits of open-source development, contemporary cloud technologies, and decades of combined experience protecting enterprises. Guardian Digital is dedicated to its customers and their safety is the very foundation of what the company offers and builds on in regard to business email protection.

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