Email Security Intelligence - EnGarde Cloud Email Security: The Logical Solution to Cyber Risk in Microsoft 365

Companies have started to use Microsoft 365 at a much larger rate following the shift to a more digital, remote workforce and society. However, this transition has highlighted various email security risks on the platform that show its built-in defenses fall short.

Microsoft 365 has over three hundred million users due to its remarkable twenty-one percent growth in 2020. Unfortunately, this user influx had made the server a more tempting target for cybercriminals. Microsoft’s Exchange Online Program (EOP) tends to fall short in preventing phishing attacks and other email threats, and about forty percent of Microsoft 365 users experienced credential theft recently.

Organizations must implement safety programs that protect employees from the dangerous security gaps Microsoft 365 harbors. This article will discuss the strengths and shortcomings of Microsoft EOP and how Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security software can mitigate these risks.

How Safe and Secure is Microsoft? What Security Features Does It Include?

Microsoft 365 provides users flexibility, cost-efficiency, and straightforward navigability, so businesses can focus on dedicating time and energy to completing daily operations rather than worrying about how to use the server. Unfortunately, such mechanisms do not offer much web and email security. Microsoft’s EOP service does not provide complete email protection for spear phishing attacks, zero-day exploits, fileless malware ransomware, and polymorphic viruses. Such shortcomings make the system susceptible to email threats, leaving Microsoft users less safe when working and exchanging private information.

How Do Microsoft’s Built-In Features Fall Short?

microsoft 365 email securityMicrosoft 365 has static, single-layered email protection that implements very few preventative measures to safeguard against threats. Users must regularly update their servers and use security patching to address vulnerabilities before malicious actors exploit them. Employees usually must perform such checks, so cybercriminals take advantage of the unpatched weaknesses to bypass security. They then design replicable fileless malware and social engineering attacks to outsmart the traditional email security software on Microsoft.

As the cloud platform expanded, EOP security professionals discovered various email threats that Microsoft’s public bug bounty program uncovered. These serious ongoing vulnerabilities increase concerns about how effective only using built-in features can be.

What Can EnGarde Cloud Email Security Do to Keep Microsoft 365 Safe for Users?

To ensure overall safety when working remotely on Microsoft 365, organizations should consider installing Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security. The comprehensive, fully managed security suite proactively identifies and blocks the most sophisticated types of email attacks targeting Microsoft 365 users in real-time, effectively bolstering EOP’s protection with critical additional defenses. EnGarde offers enterprise-level email protection that is highly customizable and scalable for businesses of any size. Even better, EnGarde can seamlessly integrate into Microsoft 365’s email infrastructure.

How Is EnGarde a Real-Time, Multi-Layered Software?

EnGardeShield This cloud email security software utilizes AI to auto-learn and rapidly adapt to evolving email threats to ensure real-time protection for future issues. This transparent, collaborative, open-source development approach provides highly effective phishing and zero-day protection for its customers. EnGarde collects data from various email systems worldwide to identify patterns and perform tests on spam email filters so your business can prepare for anything.

Here are a variety of the critical features that EnGarde incorporates into systems when safeguarding your business against online risks:

  • Implement SPF, DKIM, and DMARC email authentication protocols to protect sensitive information and prevent sender fraud, email spoofing, and data loss.
  • Defend against attacks with malicious malware URL scanners that extract links from Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, archive files (ZIP, AIZip, JAR), and other file types (uuencoded, HTML) to analyze and detect indicators of compromise.
  • Track message attributes like sender-recipient relationships, domain reputation, email headers, envelope attributes, and message content to know your information is secure.
  • Use heuristics analysis to detect predictive spam and viruses. This advanced technique scans messages for characteristics and behaviors unique to spam email, including polymorphic viruses and fileless malware.
  • Have complete visibility with the real-time EnGarde Dashboard, where you can see your cybersecurity’s effectiveness, enable more robust security planning, allocate resources, and encourage email security policies that reduce your risk exposure and protect your email system fully.

How Does EnGarde Provide Fully-Managed Services and Accessible Support?

Organizations should rely on reputable email security providers with experience dealing with email threats and protection. Microsoft 365 is a large, complex server where even the smallest misconfiguration or improper setting can leave the entire system susceptible to risk.

Fortunately, EnGarde offers ongoing expert system monitoring, maintenance, and support to enhance your experience on Microsoft 365. EnGarde reduces strain on a smaller company’s limited resources when providing simplified services that can defend against risks 24/7/365. Organizations with more minor or nonexistent cybersecurity teams must use managed email security services to combat today’s sophisticated threats.

Our experts work closely with your team to identify email security issues you could face so we can better protect against them. We handle the setup and configuration of your system and its integration with Microsoft 365 while continuing to monitor it closely and ensure that it remains secure. 

Keep Learning About Microsoft 365 Email Risks

Your company could face even more significant email threats without the correct email security defenses accompanying Microsoft 365 issues. Microsoft EOP falls short in effectively mitigating risks, leading to detrimental types of email attacks that could lead to significant downtime and compromised accounts. Fortunately, you can use a service with additional layers of real-time defenses to close the gaps in EOP’s protection and safeguard your business against credential theft, account takeovers, data loss, and ransomware. Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security offers the multi-layered, real-time defenses required to make Microsoft 365 secure for business.

Consider EnGarde when reaping Microsoft 365 benefits so you can do so without facing frequent risks. Our threat-ready, fully supported email security solutions can safeguard your users and critical data so you can dedicate your time and energy to more important daily operations. Contact us today to get a demonstration and learn how our services can increase the productivity of your business.

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