Email Security Intelligence - Mimecast Alternatives: Is It Time To Consider Leaving Mimecast?

Mimecast customers may now be considering leaving in search of a alternative email security provider. Today’s cloud email security solutions need to be easier to set up and configure, and with limited IT resources, administrators need to be able to secure their corporate email without the significant overhead that comes from complex administration and non-intuitive dashboards.

Email-borne threats are ravaging organizations of all sizes, and email is still the preferred method of attack, with phishing and ransomware as dangerous as ever. The key is to find an email security provider that delivers quality protection against emerging threats, as well as solutions that focus on using the latest technology to protect against the most advanced attacks, are most user friendly, and offer customers the most effective support and management for small businesses.

Protection Against the Most Advanced Threats

Compared with Mimecast’s limited proprietary architecture and protection, Guardian Digital’s open source cloud email security protection evolves more rapidly, provides more comprehensive protection, and is more scalable than the alternative. Our resources extend beyond the confines of even the largest organizations in the world, through the use of a modern, open source architecture. It’s where innovation on the Internet is happening today, including in email security protection.

The right security system should not only be able to identify threats unique to each organization, but also prevent them from ever being viewed by the recipient. Our protection delivers the level of service needed to serve as an extension of your IT team.

Expert Managed Services & Accessible Support

Technical support needs to go beyond complex administration, slow responses to support inquiries, and getting lost in daunting setup and deployment. Mimecast’s steep learning curve means only the most advanced system administrators with sufficient and ongoing training are capable of maintaining the system, and requires daily, hands-on involvement in building do-it-yourself protection rules before it’s even ready to use. Mimecast clients can expect prolonged training periods to become adept at managing their system.

Mimecast also falls short in areas involving the level of personalized service they are able to provide, protection against threats specific to each organization and a dashboard that is counter-intuitive and difficult to use. Email support is slow to respond, and often amounts to clients being redirected to a FAQ or knowledgebase article.

Today’s email security threats require immediate response and an email security partner that’s going to help you through the process of onboarding, without requiring an expert to be on call to continually update the protection. 

Guardian Digital’s expert, ongoing expert system monitoring, maintenance and support can simplify administration, improve security, reduce costs, and deliver a rapid return on investment. Our security experts operate as an extension of your IT team, working with you to provide the individualized protection each organization needs to most effectively prevent the next email security attack.

Enhanced Protection & Service

Guardian Digital provides a level of protection and support Mimecast can’t deliver. Our approach to guiding our clients through the onboarding process and everyday maintenance means you don’t need to be an expert to use our system. We build a relationship with our clients at a level that extends beyond typical support to a more collaborative, transparent support model where we learn about your business, your users, and the specific risks your company may face. Our adaptive email protection system is coupled with the level of support needed to deliver digital peace of mind for your business. Our complete email protection uniquely provides:

  • Frequent updates and superior email defense: With the collaborative and transparent open-source model, we provide customers with email protection through real-time updates and more secure, resilient technology.
  • Critical additional layers: We supplement static, single-layered built-in cloud email found in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace with proactive, multi-layered email security defenses to protect against phishing attacks and account takeovers.
  • Expert full-time support: Fully-managed services as an extension of your IT team work to support and improve security, as well as maximize productivity. By assisting with setup and continued monitoring and maintenance, your business is kept safe.

Open Source Cloud Email Security Benefits

Compared with Mimecast’s proprietary architecture, where many users experience a surplus of false positives, long delays in message delivery and filters designed by inexperienced admins failing to detect impersonation emails, Guardian Digital’s open source design and hands-on approach to providing support, results in more efficient delivery of services and more accurate detection of the unique threats every organization receives.

Guardian Digital believes open source is where innovation is happening today, particularly in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity professionals are increasingly understanding the importance of open source and using it to protect customers to stay ahead of cyber threats. Not only does adopting open-source reduce the overall cost of development, but it also provides additional features.

Informed by global threat intelligence data, as well as localized information specific to each of our clients, EnGarde is constantly learning from and adapting to the threats that challenge it and updating its protection in real-time to remain ahead of emerging threats and prevent future attacks. Other benefits of an open source email security model include: 

  • Open security means that enterprises will have other options and won’t have to continue relying on one single supplier.
  • Open security leads to more secure code since engineers can review the base, make improvements and share that technology to identify and mediate challenges.
  • Open-source threat intelligence helps identify risks and growing threats to safeguard the valuable data assets. Thanks to developments and advancing computer technologies, open-source threat intelligence recognizes vulnerabilities.
  • Implementing open-source software minimizes development costs for your company while producing more effective results in email security protection.

We're making that happen in the email security world with open source security and the collaborative open source model.

Final Thoughts

When making the decision to change email security providers, it is important to consider how choosing the right email security solution, one that is accompanied by expert, hands-on support, can lead to greater business success.

Third-party applications purchased by Mimecast from other security companies to provide critical email security protection to their clients that haven’t been developed in an open, transparent way, such as what Guardian Digital provides, falls short in being able to deliver the most advanced protection against today’s modern email security threats.

By utilizing the collaborative open source development model, Guardian Digital is able to outsmart cybercriminals with a secure platform that’s able to respond to threats more quickly and effectively, which is critical to the success of businesses today.

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