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As we transition to an increasingly digital society where cloud-based services and remote or hybrid work environments are now the norm, new cyber threats are emerging and existing attacks are evolving at an unprecedented rate. While businesses were once able to tackle cybersecurity in-house with limited resources and industry-specific skills, this era has come to an end. Defending against today’s highly targeted spear phishing and business email compromise (BEC) scams requires deep subject knowledge and real-world experience that only vCISO email security services provided by highly-trained cybersecurity experts can offer. A vCISO brings years of cybersecurity experience gained from working with countless organizations in multiple industry sectors, and becomes a trusted member of each business's management team, helping them deliver the core cybersecurity protection that every company needs.


Overcome Key Email Security Challenges with 24/7
System Management & Expert Guidance

It’s no secret that many businesses, especially small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), lack adequate cybersecurity resources and expertise to secure their email against phishing, ransomware and the other persistent and increasingly sophisticated threats they face daily.  Small businesses often lack a full-time IT department or mail administrator, and even with these positions filled, organizations cannot rely on IT professionals, who are often not trained email security experts, to secure corporate email accounts. As a successful attack can result in data and financial loss, significant downtime and severe, lasting reputational harm, supplementing insufficient IT security resources with vCISO email security services like Guardian Digital provides is essential in securing your users, your key business assets, and your hard-earned brand image against both current and future, unforeseen threats.

With Guardian Digital, Email Security is an Ongoing Partnership,
Not an Off-the-Shelf Product

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security is more than security software. Rather, it is a flexible enterprise-grade email protection platform accompanied by assistance with setup and the expert system monitoring, maintenance and caring, around-the-clock customer support required for the rapid and accurate detection and elimination of all threats. While other email security solutions put these responsibilities into the hands of the administrator, requiring them to fully understand how email security works, the implications of enabling and disabling a setting or filter, and what changes may be necessary to take full advantage of the protection offered, at Guardian Digital we assume these responsibilities for our clients, serving as the front line of defense against cyber thieves. We build on the protection our solution provides, becoming a permanent extension of each client's technical team. Our professional security engineers consider the individual risks our clients face and develop and implement a strategy specific to them in order to offer the most effective and cost-efficient protection for each organization.


EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Comprehensive vCISO Email Security Services for Businesses of All Sizes

​​Guardian Digital recognizes that a defense-in-depth approach is needed to make email safe for business, and has engineered its comprehensive vCISO-backed solution, Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security, to provide businesses with greater security, improved efficiency, and critical additional IT resources. Designed to be secure, EnGarde is engineered to protect your users and your business against today's most advanced email threats. EnGarde’s fully-managed protection includes the level of support required to defend against the most advanced attacks and deliver digital peace of mind for your business. 

Key benefits of securing your business email with EnGarde include:

  • Better threat protection through an inherently secure design: By applying the collaborative, transparent open source development model to email security, businesses receive improved threat protection, increased trust in the information they receive, real-time updates, and more secure, resilient technology.
  • Extended IT Security resources: The ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and support that Guardian Digital provides reduces the strain on businesses’ overworked IT departments, enabling them to more productively focus on tasks unrelated to email security. These fully-managed services provide the around-the-clock email vigilance required for the early detection and elimination of threats.
  • Better Planning & Policy Enforcement: Complete visibility into your email security and the threats targeting your organization via the EnGarde Cloud Email Security Dashboard reduces risk exposure and enables improved cybersecurity business planning and better enforcement of company policies.
  • Enhanced Microsoft 365 Email Security: EnGarde’s critical additional defenses bolster inadequate built-in cloud cloud email protection to fortify Microsoft 365 email against credential phishing and account takeovers.
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI): By preventing security breaches, minimizing downtime, increasing productivity, and safeguarding your operations, businesses can expect to see a positive impact on their bottom line.

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