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Employees Are the Weak Link in Your Email Security Strategy

While it’s no secret that outsiders are a significant cybersecurity threat to any organization, research shows that employees are the weakest link in a business’s security posture. According to IBM research, 95% of data breach are caused by human error. Just one employee clicking on a link in a phishing email can destroy a company, especially if that company is a small or medium-sized business (SMB). Email-borne attacks and breaches often result in significant downtime, decreased productivity, legal fees, recovery costs, and ruined reputations.

The good news? Testing and preparing your employees with Guardian Digital Phishing Training can raise awareness of phishing and mitigate risk so that you can focus more of your resources and effort on other critical aspects of security and business operations. 

Transform Your Employees Into CyberGuardians with Guardian Digital Security Awareness Training

Over 90% of modern cyberattacks begin with a phishing email. With Guardian Digital Phishing Training Powered by GoldPhish, you can easily learn which employees are potentially putting your organization at risk of suffering a cyberattack or data breach and require further training. In this era of sophisticated cyber threats, simulated phishing tests are necessary for a defense-in-depth cybersecurity approach. Phishing your own users is just as important as keeping outsiders from infiltrating your network! Users are your last line of defense against cyber thieves, and training and testing them on recognizing phishing emails can be simple, effective, and fun! 

And what’s the cost of failing to engage in this best practice? If you don't train your users, cybercriminals will teach them the hard way. 

From Reducing Cyber Risk by 72% to a 37-Fold ROI: The Astonishing Facts Behind Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training programs like Guardian Digital Phishing Training provide proven results. From mitigating attacks to delivering a rapid return on investment, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Even the least effective training programs have a seven-fold ROI, and the average performing program results in a 37-fold return on investment. (Ponemon Institute)
  • Even a modest investment in security awareness and training has a 72% chance of significantly reducing the business impact of a cyberattack. (NSTEC)

What Is Guardian Digital Phishing Training?

Guardian Digital Phishing Training is a service designed to complement Guardian Digital’s comprehensive business email security solution, EnGarde Cloud Email Security. The service, fully managed and monitored by Guardian Digital security experts, allows you to:

  • Have realistic phishing simulations created and sent by Guardian Digital security experts to test and educate staff with no additional time investment. No manual involvement by our clients is required.
  • Deliver engaging security awareness training via manageable yet effective modules and videos designed around your employees, adapts to their increasing understanding of the threat landscape as they learn, and is entirely customizable.
  • Receive seamless email threat reporting and success tracking.
  • See an immediate improvement in user awareness and gain peace of mind knowing you are fortifying your business’s last line of defense.

All of this can be managed and viewed in a single user-friendly administrative portal.

Reduce Headaches & Optimize Security with Fully-Managed Phishing Training

Unlike other security awareness training products on the market, Guardian Digital Phishing Training is fully managed by a team of security experts who assume the responsibility of educating your users and securing your business.

Guardian Digital expert trainers will work with your business to develop awareness modules and materials based on understanding your organization and its threats. Trainers will organize and develop personalized security awareness training through frequent program updates, easily digestible content understandable by a beginner audience, real-world training using customizable templates, and comprehensive reports explaining who will need additional training. You’ll receive unlimited training campaigns to help your users keep pace with evolving and emerging threats.

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