Guardian Digital Provides Email Security for Small & Medium Business

Enterprise -Grade Email Security for SMBs

Email Risk is Big for SMBs

The majority of email attacks don’t discriminate. Cyber criminals can spot weaknesses that are common among small- and medium-sized businesses like yours, and will gladly take advantage of these shortcomings. The numbers speak for themselves:

At least 50% of cyberattacks target SMBS, and over 90% of modern attacks and breaches begin with a phishing email. 

Seventy-four percent of SMBs that are hit with ransomware report loss of customers, while 60% are forced out of business. 



The Modern Threat Landscape

Threats are rapidly evolving, becoming increasingly sophisticated and successful in evading the detection of static, single-layered traditional email security solutions. Seventy percent of businesses are unprepared for today’s advanced spear phishing, fileless malware and zero-day attacks attacks. In this heightened digital threat environment, your business can’t afford an ineffective email security strategy.


The Challenges are Persistent & Complex

The modern email threat landscape is complex- but the email security solution you rely on doesn’t have to be. Simplify and enhance your email security strategy with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security - a comprehensive enterprise-grade security suite that’s effective, affordable and fully-managed by a team of Guardian Digital security experts.


Protect Against Advanced Threats
with an Enterprise-Class Solution Tailored to Your Needs

Get Comprehensive Real-Time Protection at a Competitive Price

Guardian Digital uniquely uses the collaborative open-source development model to tap into worldwide resources in a way that no other vendor can, enabling us to engineer flexible, highly effective enterprise-grade solutions available to SMBs at affordable prices.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security closes the cybersecurity gap between you and other companies many times your size, while helping you avoid the excessive costs and crippling complexity that are characteristic of the industry. Our solution delivers:

Enterprise-grade email security with proactive, real-time protection against the most sophisticated modern threats including phishing, spoofing, ransomware, spam, viruses, malicious URLs and zero-day attacks

Multi-layered cloud-based protection with key features including policy-enforced email authentication, malicious URL protection and predictive spam and virus detection

Critical additional security defenses in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace that can be easily tailored to your company’s individual needs 

Ongoing expert system management that limits your exposure to risk and eases pressure on your business’s limited resources - simplifying administration, enhancing security and reducing costs

Complete visibility into your email security and better control over your email, enabling improved cybersecurity planning, superior allocation of resources and better enforcement of company security policies

Close Security Gaps in Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Microsoft 365 and Workspace are excellent cloud-based email services; however, these popular platforms lack adequate barriers to prevent credential theft, account takeovers and other malicious threats. Built-in defenses are static, single-layered and unable to anticipate and block sophisticated and emerging attacks, leaving email systems unprotected against dangerous zero-day exploits.  

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security seamlessly integrates with either platform and provides the critical additional layers of proactive protection required to anticipate and block these threats, effectively shielding your email platform against a devastating attack or breach.



Reduce Strain on Your Company’s Limited Resources & Gain Visibility into Your
Email Security

We recognize that for the majority of small businesses, making the most of limited cybersecurity resources is a significant and persistent challenge. There is already great pressure on your IT staff, and supporting complex security technology is simply not in the cards.

Eliminate the guesswork and administration headaches frequently associated with email security with Guardian Digital managed services and accessible around-the-cock support. Our experienced security experts become a valuable extension of your company’s IT team, working with you to understand your security needs, identifying individuals within your organization who are most likely to be targeted in an attack and closely monitoring them to watch for targeted threats.

Our solution features a user-friendly real-time Dashboard which provides you with complete visibility into the security of your email and the threats targeting your organization, enabling you to make better cybersecurity decisions with no additional investment.

Secure Your Business Email for the Future Now with a Proactive,
Multi-Layered Security Platform.

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