Guardian Digital's Open Source Commitment

Our Unwavering Commitment to Open Source

Governments and corporations are realizing that open source is often the best way to develop software. Some of the biggest companies in the world are not only using open source software, but open sourcing their own code as well. In short, open source is now a core part of how software is created not just by software companies, but by every kind of company.

Klint Finley, “Open Source Won. So, Now What?” Wired magazine

The Open Source Advantage

Open source is the most effective method for developing secure, reliable software. As such, Guardian Digital is committed to open-source methodologies and embraces the open exchange of information, technology, collaborative development and transparency.

The collaborative open-source development approach:

Fosters rapid innovation as a competitive advantage, with ideas coming from multiple independent sources

Provides design diversity as a strategy

Promotes an inclusive environment and values diverse perspectives

Improves reliability through much larger deployments

Reduces the total cost of ownership


Innovating Business Email Security with Open-Source Development

Guardian Digital is the first cyber security company to take the best-in-class tools of the Linux community and integrate them into an enterprise email solution dedicated to  security and unrivaled customer support. Our unprecedented level of open-source security and engineering expertise has made Guardian Digital trusted by clients throughout the world for almost twenty years.

We don't just use existing programs, but have also developed a whole infrastructure of services around them. We are continually at the forefront of the security field to ensure that our engineers preserve our cutting-edge products and services as threats continue to evolve.

Guardian Digital continues to innovate, while constantly improving our email security solutions and services. We are the primary sponsors of, the Internet's central source of news, insights, security advisories and other information regarding Linux and open-source security issues. Launched to great acclaim in the early 1990s, the site remains one of the community’s most enduring, beneficial resources.

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