Guardian Digital's Professional Engineering Services

Guardian Digital Professional Engineering Services is a menu of application and system engineering options unique to Guardian Digital. Designed to provide the flexibility to customize any of Guardian Digital’s security and productivity applications to perfectly fit the demands of any corporation, Guardian Digital Professional Engineering Services are cost-effective and the best way to ensure optimum functionality for corporate networks. Guardian Digital technical engineers will work with you to deliver ideal solutions through software development services, system architecture and design services, and authoritative advice.

After engaging with Guardian Digital Professional Services, Implex was immediately able to return to productivity, and has allowed us to focus on the critical business functions facing our organization every day." - Scott DeKramer Director of Information Technology, Implex Corp.

Guardian Digital can work with your IT staff to develop custom solutions for your enterprise. Our engineering staff can provide programming resources in all aspects of project development including:

  • Security resources including auditing, firewalling, and intrusion detection
  • Application development and porting from other platforms
  • Large enterprise deployment, including fault-tolerant designs, redundancy, and backup
  • System engineering, including custom modifications, close collaboration with Guardian Digital engineers, and more.

Guardian Digital Professional Engineering contracts are budget-friendly, flexible, and can be tailored to correspond with the exact needs of any corporation. Easily gain access to Guardian Digital’s technical engineers and development team to reduce time to market and increase productivity by leveraging the networking and security expertise from the most authoritative Linux and security source available.

The implementation process could not have been easier...The transition was seamless and the time it took was minimal." - Lars Baan, Vice President of Operations for Aalborg Instruments

Speed the time to market and gain confidence in authoritative answers from the experts. Contact a Guardian Digital representative today for information on how we can help.