Client Story: Government of India & ISRO.

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Indian Space Program Protected from Email-Borne Threats with Fully Managed Solution

Government of India & ISRO

gov india isro


  • Strained IT Staff
  • Limited Budget
  • Specialized Requirements


  • Open Source System
  • Simplified Management Capabilities
  • Better Email Protection
  • Secure Operating System
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Comprehensive Technical Support
  • Scalability
  • Customized Security Policy


  • EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Control Email Usage and Eliminate Spam
  • Managed Services: Monitor Firewall and Network Activities, Troubleshoot and Resolve Technical Incidents
  • Unparalleled Support: Automatic Updates, Built-in Alerts, Customized Security Improvements


  • Enhanced User Protection
  • Dramatically Improved Productivity
  • Fewer Network Resources
  • Virus and Phishing Protection
  • Improved Functionality

Secure, Flexible, Protection from all forms of attack

government of india space program secures email with comprehensive fully managed advanced threat protection

As more and more government sectors begin conducting business online, maintaining Internet and network security becomes increasingly challenging. At the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in Bangalore, India, security is a top priority. User privacy, secure remote access, and ease-of-use are among the reasons the Government of India chose Guardian Digital. A highly respected division of the Government of India, ISRO is involved in the exploration of space for national civilian end-uses in the application areas of communication and remote sensing. With the organization encompassing thirty different research centers and thousands of end users, computer security is a critical component of daily operations. Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway provided all the services Ramani needed to securely communicate with his organization online.

Wanted: Secure, Easily Managed Solution

When given the responsibility to develop and implement an information security policy for the organization, Dr. N. Ramani, a Visiting Scientist working with the ISRO HQ, came to Guardian Digital. "I was looking into replacing our mail server software, although it suited our needs in functionality, since the ongoing maintenance process was very difficult which relegated us to using a system that wasn't serving our needs. Constant protection is critical to the security of the network and we could no longer handle the daunting ongoing email administration tasks our old system required. In addition, we were very interested in providing remote access to our mail system in a secure manner. To a large extent end-to-end security is addressed by GD out-of-the-box, certainly during the session. Client or end-point security, before and after the session, is outside the scope of GD and there aren't many good solutions available today," says Ramani.

Open Source Wins Out

After evaluating alternative mail solutions from Kerio, Symantec, Microsoft, Cisco, and several others, Ramani determined Guardian Digital's EnGarde Email Security Gateway offered the most comprehensive solution to meet his organization's specific demands. "While we were happy with Symantec, the level of maintenance required was of concern to us because of its serious security handicap. The open source model provides a more secure alternative and as a result, we wanted to implement open source solutions wherever possible throughout our network," states Ramani.

Leading Technology Designed for Every Organization
"The scalability and security that we now have with our Guardian Digital solution will make future network integration of other ISRO centers simple; and I have no doubt that many will embrace this successful solution."

- Dr. N. Ramani, Visiting Scientist, Indian Space Research Organization

The Solution: Guardian Digital Enterprise Product Portfolio

Originally looking solely for a secure open source email solution, ISRO was pleased with the industry-leading features, its ability to be easily customized, ease-of-use offered by Guardian Digital and immediately decided to deploy most of Guardian Digital's suite of a host of the company's enterprise products. The Government of India's solution portfolio now includes Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway with spam and virus protection. "We wanted to implement Guardian Digital's solutions wherever necessary based on their impressive functionality and ease of management capabilities," said Ramani. "We were losing a lot of our technical staff to local industries so with manpower at a premium, we needed a product that was fully integrated and well supported -- Guardian Digital was the clear winner."

A Bright Future

Having more than 2000 users at IRSO headquarters and thousands more at each of ISRO's Centers, the Government of India's partnership with Guardian Digital has provided the flexibility necessary to seamlessly incorporate new locations and users into their existing network. "The scalability and security that we now have with our Guardian Digital solution will make future network integration of other ISRO centers simple; and I have no doubt that many will embrace this successful solution."