Client Story: Intrepid Group.

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Advanced Threat Protection Blocks Phishing Attacks & Suspicious Messages for Warehouse & Fulfillment Group

Intrepid Group

intrepid group


  • Limited Budget
  • Strict Timeline
  • Inexperienced Users
  • Diverse Environment
  • Impersonation Fraud & Phishing Attacks
  • Stringent Requirements


  • Simplified Management 
  • Powerful Functionality 
  • Extensive Support Services
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Scalability 

Solution: EnGarde Cloud Email Security

  • Proactive protection against phishing, ransomware and other threats businesses face using email
  • Around-the-clock system monitoring, maintenance and support extends limited IT resources to improve security, maximize productivity and offer invaluable peace of mind
  • Flexibility to customize EnGarde to specifically fit the demands of the corporation


  • Enhanced Email Security 
  • Reduce Spam by >99% 
  • Increased User Productivity 

Unparalleled Email Protection

fulfillment company keeps email security on track with advanced threat protection

As an IT manager, it is essential when making a network purchasing decision that the solution you choose is consistently supported. With technology changing so rapidly, frequent updates and upgrades are vital to optimize the functionality of the system for years to come. When Brett Hoopingarner, vice president of information technology for the Intrepid Group, found his current Internet email solution was no longer providing the protection he required, he turned to Guardian Digital.

The Intrepid Group is a warehouse and fulfillment organization for small publishers. Founded in 1979, the Intrepid Group's staff of 300 employees provides a wide variety of services from storing to order processing and shipment of books for publishers. Lacking the resources to maintain an email security platform, the company was drawn to Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway because of its out-of-the-box security and level of protection from the latest email threats. "We have only one IT administrator on staff here. It is really up to me to handle the analysis, implementation, and maintenance of all computer-related services so I wanted an Internet email solution that I could easily set-up and maintained -- Guardian Digital proposed a solid solution for this," said Hoopingarner.

Demand for Phishing, Ransomware & Email Security

Relying on Internet email for a majority of their business communications, the Intrepid Group also required a myriad of email features including email alias routing, protection from phishing and business email compromise attacks, secure user access control, spam filtering, and attachment virus scanning. "We rely on email for everything from inter-office correspondence to product orders so if our email were not available we would be at an incredible competitive disadvantage. As a result, I am concerned about Internet and email threats on a daily basis. Having a system that would provide me superior protection from those evolving threats is critical," said Hoopingarner.

"Guardian Digital by far offered the best combination of features, pricing and customization to meet our specific needs so it was an easy decision. They worked with us to customize the appliance and the applications to our requirements in order to provide us with the out-of-the-box security we needed."
- Brett Hoopingarner, Vice President Information Technology, Intrepid Group

The Guardian Digital Solution

After analyzing the Intrepid Group's network and needs, Guardian Digital recommended the company use its EnGarde Email Security Gateway configured with Advanced Threat Protection. Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway is a cloud-based system requiring very little maintenance, and is designed to provide organizations with enterprise-grade, feature-rich applications at a cost-effective price. Including everything from full service web and email services to spam and virus protection, auto-learning intrusion detection, the EnGarde Email Security Gateway is an ideal choice for budget-conscious organizations who are serious about the security and functionality of their corporate networks.

While using off-the-shelf appliances from Watchguard, Sonicwall and Microsoft previously, the Intrepid Group had noticed a severe lapse in functionality due to the volume of spam being received. The powerful spam protection offered by the EnGarde Email Security Gateway became an especially attractive feature to the company. "Our old system was completely crippled with the influx of spam and simply could not provide the functionality we required. Having an Internet server that provides the kind of spam and virus protection the Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway does exactly what we need," said Hoopingarner.

No Competition

Although initially considering several other alternatives, Intrepid Group handily chose Guardian Digital. "Guardian Digital by far offered the best combination of features, pricing and customization to meet our specific needs so it was an easy decision. They worked with us to customize the appliance and the applications to our requirements in order to provide us with the out-of-the-box security we needed," says Hoopingarner. Further, Guardian Digital's comprehensive support service offerings sealed the deal. "Due to our lack of technical experience, and dramatic increase in phishing attacks, I needed a solution that would provide me with quality technical support if any issues should arise. The Guardian Digital technical support team is extremely diligent and most importantly, they immediately put me at ease when resolving issues," concluded Hoopingarner.