6 Reasons Why You Want Open-Source Email Security for Your Business

Explore the Advantages of Securing Buisness Email with an Adaptive
Open-Source Solution

Advocating the Benefits of Open Source for Email Security

Your business deserves software that can adapt to your organization's security needs. The threat landscape becomes more detrimental to organizations daily, and getting the right cybersecurity tools in place is crucial to keeping your clients and employees safe. Open Source is a more accessible option for customers, and this article will discuss the benefits of open-source email security and how your organization can improve from installing it.

What is Open-Source Email Security?

The software is available for distribution relatively anywhere when a service is open-source. Having open-source email security means any business can get a solution to combat email threats and adapt to the latest issues that cross client inboxes. Such options offer businesses the reliable email protection necessary to stop the newest phishing emails and types of ransomware from entering servers and impacting companies beyond repair. Unfortunately, organizations can suffer from data loss, financial problems, Business Email Compromise, account takeovers, and reputational harm if they do not have the appropriate security protocols. Therefore, utilizing open-source software is essential for a business to thrive.

What is Guardian Digital’s Open-Source Solution?

Guardian Digital focuses on open-source email security and prioritizes developing the latest models to fit customer needs. Although we started as a platform for Internet security, Guardian Digital has shifted to email threats since businesses frequently face such issues. In doing so, Guardian Digital IT security professionals can provide customers with secure email programs that offer users comprehensive, practical, multi-layered solutions.

Guardian Digital is a contributor and sponsor for Linux Security and their community. It is a go-to resource for staying up-to-date on cybersecurity news, platform information, and general security articles. Relying on Linux to encourage email security awareness and training can help organizations learn more about open-source and how their employees can benefit from this cybersecurity tool. Here are descriptions of the most notable advantages of open-source software on your server:



Open-source services are transparent and collaborative, which can help develop access codes, communicate with other experts in the community, and improve email security features to reinforce security measures. These interactions in an open-source solution permit companies to innovate new products and software that produce high-quality results.


Developers and engineers can access open-source coding to determine what aspects of cybersecurity projects require improvements. These permissions help open-source experts review and suggest adaptations to new software so that no cybersecurity vulnerabilities exist in the final result. These secure products require email sandboxing to ensure the software does what it should.


Freedom and Flexibility

Because of the nature of open-source email security programs, customers can access the services freely and customize them to meet a business’ standards. Individuals and enterprises alike avoid the issues that come with vendor-based software that can lock customers into a server. If a customer does not enjoy the open-source product, nothing is keeping them from terminating their use of said product.

Cost Effective

Other email security solutions cost much more than open-source products, as proprietary software requires licensing, upgrading, and other accessibility payments to make the resource work for your business. In contrast, alternative open-source options can provide the same services at a cheaper cost and a more enormous payback.


Community Values

Guardian Digital prioritizes the basic principles of ownership and helping benefit clients to the best of our abilities, which is our greatest goal. Our open-source developers aim to create modern, flexible products that are effective and valuable to the community as much as possible. Fortunately, countless professionals and supporters support us through our improvements to strengthen email security software to benefit businesses in as many ways as possible. The vast, vibrant atmosphere in the open-source community serves as a motivator for innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Becoming Increasingly Popular

As the digital threat landscape evolves, organizations need more robust solutions for their employees and clients. More professionals are understanding how useful open-source products can be, and these cybersecurity platforms are growing in popularity. This has allowed Guardian Digital to observe their solutions in action so they can mitigate and patch any issues as soon as they notice them.


The Future of Digital Security Is Open Source

According to ZDNet, seventy-eight percent of all companies across various industries choose open-source software over other solutions in the present day. Open-source cybersecurity tools are some of the best practices for email security since they offer customers quality, security, freedom, flexibility, and more. Guardian Digital cybersecurity professionals are excited that open-source software has grown in prevalence, which gives the company more opportunities to spread its influence and help businesses improve their cybersecurity. Open Source constantly develops, permitting it to reach an expanding community daily. Consider Guardian Digital when choosing an open-source email security software for your business.


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