Email Security Intelligence - 9 Methods to Secure your Email Account from Hackers

Based on the trend of the last few years, it has shown us that there’s an emergence in cyber attacks, data breach, scams, and much more. And, it’s not just the industry tycoons that are getting online threats; even small businesses are affected. Every individual has the same potential to receive such an online threat. One of the most common pathways for such instances is the Email account. 

Laptop Repair Dubai experts have revealed that more than 6.69 billion email accounts are there across the globe. But, security has been compromised for one out of every four email accounts. No doubt, it’s quite a nightmare. As your email account is connected to almost every other internet service, you might lose professional and personal data. 

According to Data Recovery Dubai professionals, your email account might relate to your photos, videos, data, banking details, contacts, invoices, itineraries, and much more. Hackers might release one phishing email, and boom! All your details can get into their hands. 

So, it’s important to enhance the security standards for your email account. Here are some proven tips that can save your email account from being hacked. Let’s get started.

Make Use of a Password Manager

Have you assigned the same password everywhere online? It’s really a difficult job for every individual to set different passwords for different email accounts, social media accounts, and other places. 

Additionally, it is quite daunting to remember every unique password every time you want to sign into a specific account. Email passwords are hard to set as well as remember. This is why most people prefer sticking to a single password whenever possible.

You are simply increasing the chances of your email account getting hacked. To avoid such circumstances, you should consider a competent password manager. You need to assign a master password that will regulate the password database for you. So, set a strong password for this.  

Password managers will ease your task when you attempt to log into a definite account as you don’t have to memorise the password anymore. This will definitely reduce the possibility of your email being hacked.

Check if There’s 2FA Support

When you are registering for a new email account, you have to check some prerequisites for your data safety. Not every email provider supports the 2FA configuration. If you are sincere about your email account’s safety, you have to ensure that it comes with 2FA support. This extra layer of security decreases the chances of your email account being compromised.

Once activated, it will alert you that someone is trying to invade your email account using your credentials. And, you’ll receive a text message or warning on your linked smartphone. If you allow this, only the log-in will be accepted. Otherwise, it will be a failed attempt. Therefore, make sure that you go for an email account that comes with 2FA support.

Activate Antivirus Software

An antivirus is something that every hacker is afraid of. As a responsible user of your email account, you have to set your antivirus always on. You might still be relying on the best VPN in the market; you should not take any chances with your email security. This is why you should keep your antivirus turned on.

In addition to this, you should go for a deep scan instead of a quick scan. Hackers are getting more intelligent day by day to cope with the latest defence technology. So, they might release complicated malware that might be beyond the capability of a quick scan. To keep things in your favour, you always depend on the deep scan.

Try Recognizing a Phishing Email

The dynasty of phishing mail and its achievements are nothing new. There are different types of phishing emails that might attack your email account. The hardest part about phishing emails is that even professionals fail to recognise what a phishing email looks like. Phishing emails resemble professional emails, and they might force you to enter sensitive information.phishing.jpg

In addition to this, the phishing email might come with an attachment that will lead you to a certain website - this is simply malware. However, there might be a few slips that might help you to recognise a phishing email.  

Check whether the email has a mismatched URL, comes with a request for personal information, spelling and grammatical mistakes, or with some threatening messages. If you have the slightest doubt about the email, then you should not open the email or click on the attached links.

Refrain from Using Public Wi-Fi and Computers

Though your email passwords are hard to guess, we recommend you not use public Wi-Fi while signing into your email account. When you are loading your emails, make sure that you are using personal mobile data or tether it from your own devices. Even if you are using the best VPN in the market, we strongly forbid you from using any public Wi-Fi network.

On the other hand, the scenario is the same with public computers. Data Recovery Dubai experts have suggested that you should not use public PCs available at hotels or other places. Use only your protected home network to accomplish any confidential task that relates to your email account.

Protect Your Wi-Fi Network

Well, the same applies to your business network. Whether your home’s network connection is secure or not depends on how you have set your router and other accommodation connected to your Wi-Fi network. Make sure that you have kept the Wi-Fi name hidden from strangers.

Additionally, it’s not a good idea to share your Wi-Fi network’s credentials with anyone. This will just compromise the security of the network. Moreover, get a strong password for your Wi-Fi network. And, don’t forget to change the password every 2 to 3 months to ensure that everything is secured.

Go for a VPN

This is another trick that might elevate the security of your email account. When it comes to protecting your personlaptop.jpgal and confidential data, nothing works better like a VPN. The responsibility of a VPN connection is to encrypt the internet connection of your network. 

Go for the best VPN in the market, suggests one of the Laptop Repair Dubai professionals. The benefits of using a VPN are that you’ll get a better experience with the internet, a secure internet connection, and many more. After all, the nightmare of getting your email account hacked won’t haunt you anymore.

Update Your Systems

Be it your computer, smartphone, or tablet, every gadget should have an updated operating system. The reason behind the latest operating system update is that it contains all the defense files to prohibit a threat. The system you’re using currently should have the latest operating version installed into it.

Or else, they might fall prey to any kind of vulnerability. Nowadays, every operating system update comes with security essentials to keep your system safe from any kind of cyber-attacks. And, it’s no surprise that they will keep your email accounts safe too.

Declutter Your Devices

Life gets easier with the help of different applications. However, the more apps you will install on your system the more complications will arise. You might have not checked the application permissions before installing it. And, they might steal something from your computer or smartphone.

Either you can monitor these applications and their permissions. Or, you can simply uninstall those applications that you don’t need anymore or seem suspicious. In addition to this, you should do the same with your browser extensions. This would obviously strengthen the security to safeguard your email account.

Anything Else?

Keep changing passwords for your online services, including your email account. If you are still suspicious about getting the email account hacked, put a credit freeze on your banking account. This will make sure that hackers can’t make a profit out of your account. Try all the hacks suggested by Data Recovery Dubai experts and be confident about your email account’s security.

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