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When it comes to email security, many businesses have the misconception that the “one size fits all” approach that Microsoft or Google provide within its default Outlook and GSuite is enough to effectively protect their users from today’s sophisticated email threats. This could not be further from the truth.  


Microsoft's email security- featured in their Exchange Online Protection (EOP)- relies on a filtering program that is ineffective against advanced and malicious threats. Secondary protection is necessary. And not just any form of secondary protection will suffice. The quality and effectiveness of available email security solutions vary greatly.

In an industry where subpar solutions have unfortunately become the norm, Guardian Digital takes great pride in providing exceptional business email protection, accompanied by unparalleled customer support.  Our unique open-source approach provides multiple layers of email security, that work in concert to combat today’s most dangerous and costly email threats. Our fully-managed cloud-based solution is highly customizable and can be seamlessly implemented into any business’s existing infrastructure.

Our comprehensive protection provides various key benefits- including:

Our support:

We recognize that exceptional 24x7x365 customer support is a critical element of any effective business email security solution. Specialized, passionate, comprehensive support has been a core component of our email protection for the past 20 years. Our support services are truly unparalleled and include around the clock system monitoring, email security best practice advice, guidance from expert engineers and detailed monthly reports.

The Guardian Digital support services are amazing. They have a real desire to service the customer and will attempt to customize your system based on your individual requirements.

- Paul Brisson, MD, Spinal Surgeon & Co-Owner, NY Spine Care

Open-source architecture:

Our revolutionary open-source approach has enabled us to engineer highly flexible, exceptionally secure email security solutions at competitive prices. It's a collaborative, open-source approach that fosters rapid innovation- with ideas coming from multiple independent sources. We are able to utilize these resources reaching far beyond our borders in a way that no other vendor can, providing our customers with the highest quality business email protection on the market.

Fully-managed solutions with seamless implementation:

Our EnGarde Cloud Email Security seamlessly integrates into your business email infrastructure. Our support engineers manage and monitor your system around the clock- allowing you to focus on your business and eliminating the need for an email administrator. We provide ongoing surveillance of the health and environmental statistics of all systems to ensure that they are running optimally 100% of the time. We also offer personalized, comprehensive monthly reports, allowing you to track this data.

Multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach to email security:

Our solution is designed to be secure from the ground up, with complementary layered technologies.  Each layer focuses on a specific area that can be exploited by attackers.  Layered security not just prevents attacks and limits their damage but it proactively identifies threats and malicious activities before they cause further damage. We monitor potential threats using a worldwide network of security intelligence experts.  We scan for signs that an attack is impending or in progress. This is a technology exclusive to Guardian Digital and it provides highly effective zero-hour outbreak protection to keep your email systems running efficiently and securely.

Highly scalable and customizable solutions:

Our email security solutions effectively meet the needs of large enterprises like Best Western and a global media and entertainment company. But we are highly suitable for small and medium sized businesses as well. Regardless of the size of your business, we understand your unique business needs, network configuration, and messaging environment and can assist with your long-term goals, expansion, upgrades and migrations.

The scalability and security that we now have with our Guardian Digital solution will make future network integration of other ISRO centers simple; and I have no doubt that many will embrace this successful solution.

- Dr. N. Ramani, Visiting Scientist, Indian Space Research Organization

Top-notch security is a given with Guardian Digital:

At Guardian Digital we provide all companies- large or small- with the highest level of email protection available. While others sell their protection “a la carte” -charging extra for additional features, we believe that every one of our clients should be provided with the highest level of security by default.  User behavior is unpredictable. And we believe a technology that creates a safeguarded environment around the user is imperative in maintaining a good security posture. According to Cisco, 78% of users claim to be aware of the risks associated with unknown links in emails, yet they unwittingly click on these links regardless. 

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides:

  • Inbound & outbound business email security protection against all persistent threats
  • Advanced encryption protection throughout- designed to keep communications secure   
  • Effective defense from spam, phishing, and other advanced threats
  • Zero-hour outbreak control which protects against new, unknown spam and malware outbreaks- using multi-layered detection and analysis engines
  • Advanced security protocols including DKIM, SPF and DMARC, which add verifiable information about the sender of a message to emails to help prevent email spoofing
  • Behavior profiling 
  • Real-time URL filtering

Highly resilient protection:

Microsoft Outlook and Gmail experience frequent and significant outages and problems which can have major implications for users. Microsoft itself has acknowledged that it is unable to combat all email threats.  Resiliency is an important factor to consider when evaluating an email security solution. Yet this feature often goes overlooked. All of Guardian Digital’s mail systems run on an open source platform that is specifically developed to optimize the systems’ security and reliability over time.  The combination of the expertise of Guardian Digital‘s engineers, the inherent security of Linux and a strong emphasis on quality and customer service results in a system that will reliably route secure email virtually indefinitely. 

Small business mentality - WE CARE!

Whether a small business or large, we treat all of our customers equally.  We build individual relationships- giving every business the customized attention that it deserves. Our clients recognize this and they stay with us because of this mentality: 

For over a decade, we have counted on Guardian Digital’s solutions for a more secure and reliable mail environment. I’m grateful for their years of great Service. The staff is professional and prompt and has always had a quick resolution to our email inquiries or any other issue.

-Sheldon Huey, Sr. Operations Mgr. for for Enterprise Email, Best Western Hotels 

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