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Pioneers of business email security for the past 20 years, Guardian Digital draws on the merits of Open Source coupled with expert engineering and unparalleled customer support. 

 June 4, 2019 - Midland Park, NJ - Guardian Digital, the premier open-source email security provider, is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a pioneer in the field of open-source email security. The company’s unique approach to securing business email accounts by leveraging the inherent benefits of Open Source has enabled Guardian Digital to offer highly effective threat protection to organizations around the world, including the world’s largest hotel family, for the past two decades.

This collaborative open-source development approach fosters rapid innovation as a competitive advantage, with ideas coming from multiple independent sources, improving reliability and security through much larger deployments than proprietary alternatives. Guardian Digital creates email security solutions using resources reaching beyond our borders in a way that no other vendor can do.

The Open Source Advantage

In 1999, Guardian Digital founder and CEO David Wreski recognized that the many advantages of the open-source development model could provide superior solutions to the latest Internet and email security threats. A passionate Linux user and member of the open-source community, Wreski created, assembled a small team of contributors to increase the visibility of the open- source community, wrote authoritative articles on open-source security, and participated in forums and projects involving Open Source.

“Through the use of open-source software, a specific concentration on security from the inside out, combined with decades of expertise building secure systems, Guardian Digital is able to uniquely provide cutting-edge solutions to critical business email challenges,” writes David Wreski, Guardian Digital Founder & CEO.

Wreski also recognized that there was significant public demand for software developed using the open-source model with security as a primary focus, yet most businesses lacked the ability to implement these methods on their own. Wreski founded Guardian Digital to fulfill this demand and eliminate the issue of implementation. He traveled around the world, meeting with developers and business executives, learning about the challenges they faced, and about their unmet digital security needs. Guardian Digital started out as an Internet security provider and has narrowed its focus to email security.

Drawing on the inherent security advantages of Open Source and the expertise of Guardian Digital developers and engineers, Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security offers businesses of all sizes across all industries unparalleled email protection accompanied by exceptional customer support 24x7x365.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security Key Benefits

●  Superior security through resilient open-source architecture

●  Multi-layered persistent threat protection

●  Zero-hour outbreak control that protects against new, unknown threats

●  Secure endpoint encryption using strong cryptography

●  Scalable cloud-based system that simplifies deployment and increases availability

●  Exceptional service & support 

Businesses around the world trust Guardian Digital to protect their email accounts and their users from the most sophisticated email-related threats. Open Source is rapidly gaining mainstream credibility, having long established its credentials in the Linux community, and organizations throughout the world are recognizing the many advantages associated with choosing an open-source email security solution. Guardian Digital looks forward to developing meaningful relationships with more businesses worldwide and providing them with the high-caliber email protection that is necessary in preventing today’s advanced digital attacks.


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