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Spam emails create constant aggravation, as these unsolicited bulk-sent junk emails clutter mailboxes and distract employees from completing tasks. Despite the frequent annoyance these messages cause, spam emails tend to get overlooked as insignificant email security threats, so companies do little to handle them.

Spam emails embed phishing email attacks and various types of ransomware that can compromise credentials, permit account takeovers, damage business reputations, and harm company finances. Therefore, organizations must take spam emails seriously when mitigating web and email security issues.

Businesses have started implementing cloud-based spam filtering into their cybersecurity platforms to prevent any disruptions or risks spam emails could cause. Effective cloud-based spam filtering solutions focus on blocking spam before it reaches your system through anti-spam software. Such solutions can safeguard your and your user’s inboxes from primary email threats from spam. This article will discuss the basics of cloud-based spam filtering, what solutions Software-as-a-Service contains, and the email security services Guardian Digital offers users who need anti-spam software.

What Is Cloud-Based Spam Filtering?

Cloud-based spam filtering can stop phishing emails from ever reaching company networks. This email security solution keeps spam messages away from employee inboxes to safeguard your network from malicious downloads that could spread throughout your company. Harmful content could come from phishing email attacks, malware ransomware, and other email threats. 

Integrating a cloud-based spam filtering service strengthens your organization’s ability to defend against such risks by keeping them from ever entering the network. This email protection service can combat productivity loss, malware infections, ransomware, phishing attacks, reputation damage, and data loss. Anti-spam software is typically the most robust cloud-based spam filtering service available and is one of various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers from which customers can choose.

How Can Software-as-a-Service Combat Spam Emails?

Software-as-a-service email security solutions provide users various email protection opportunities that companies can implement. IT departments apart from your company will oversee all online interactions and traffic utilizing the software to detect any email threats so security professionals can mitigate them before any email security issues arise.

SaaS offers anti-spam software services on demand. This technology is simple to implement, requires little maintenance from the customer, minimizes capital investment, and offers complete control over email security policies to the user. Cloud-based anti-spam software can enable businesses an affordable solution to installing spam filters and hardware.

How Does Built-In Anti-Spam Software Fall Short?

Most web and email security services offer some form of anti-spam software to combat spam emails and related types of phishing attacks. However, these solutions need more email protection. Let's look at what Google and Microsoft Office 365 lack, which can help you determine the services you need to integrate into your company.

What Spam Filtering Services Does Google Have?

Google Workspaces has become a more popular option for companies due to its strengths regarding online communication and collaboration. However, the company's built-in security features are Multi-Factor Authentication and Data Encryption. While useful, these email security solutions must be more robust to combat every issue that could harm a business. Spam emails can still pass these security defenses, and users can still access and open these phishing email attacks, allowing an email threat to infiltrate the system before an employee can react. Therefore, Google's email security services cannot protect to the same level as cloud-based spam filtering software.

How Do Microsoft Office 365 Spam Filters Work?

Microsoft has a built-in service known as the Microsoft Exchange Online Program (EOP) that offers a certain degree of web and email protection. However, 85% of EOP users still experienced data and email security breaches and other email threats that could severely harm their data, reputation, and functionality. Office 365 spam filters do not offer the customization organizations need to make email security solutions effective for their business, and threat actors can use the same methods to breach various Microsoft systems since they all work the same. EOP cannot anticipate email attack types that bypass security. These spam filters are also difficult to configure and complex to incorporate into systems. Overall, Microsoft Office 365 EOP could be more user-friendly and compelling to the same extent that a cloud-based spam filtering software is.

Now, we can review how Guardian Digital offers an efficient cloud-based spam filtering service that can patch any holes in Google and Microsoft email security servers so that you can continue using these platforms for your business.

Why Choose Guardian Digital’s Cloud-Based Spam Filtering Services?

Guardian Digital offers a Cloud Email Security software solution, EnGarde, with effective cloud-based spam filtering services that Google and Microsoft 365 users can implement into their email protection operations to strengthen their cybersecurity tools and overall online safety. EnGarde carries knowledge regarding the latest phishing email threats, cybersecurity intelligence, and how to combat such email security issues. Powered by advanced detection engines, EnGarde has security experts who work 24/7/365 to provide customer service and prevent all spam emails from ever reaching your cybersecurity platforms.

Having a defense-in-depth approach to email protection is vital. Guardian Digital recognizes this when protecting company inboxes from spam emails using their cloud-based anti-spam services and malicious malware URL scanners. There are a variety of email security features Guardian Digital implements into their EnGarde services, so they have a layered email authentication protocol and advanced reputation analysis that confirms the strength of their solutions. Such operations make EnGarde a trustworthy email protection service with effective and efficient anti-spam software and phishing prevention.

EnGarde blocks spam before it reaches your server and is an excellent choice for any business. Small- and medium-sized companies tend to need more IT staff, which makes EnGarde the correct option, as we do all of the work for you so your users can focus on other valuable tasks.

Final Thoughts on the Importance of Cloud-Based Spam Filtering Services

Spam emails have become a constant concern to most companies. These email threats can instigate phishing attacks, implement malware ransomware into a system, and severely damage a business's reputation. Therefore, it is necessary to have a robust cloud-based spam filtering service at your organization's fingertips that can prevent phishing, malware, and other email threats that could head your way. Unfortunately, Google and Microsoft email security solutions do not offer the most effective options to users, so companies must integrate anti-spam software on top of built-in features. Such solutions will ensure your business has email protection that is efficient and well-monitored.

Consider installing and utilizing Guardian Digital's EnGarde Cloud Email Security software in your advanced threat protection services to have a strong spam filter that prevents your employees from ever interacting with risky messages. EnGarde is one of the best practices for email security, as it provides businesses with an all-encompassing solution.

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