Cloud-Based Spam Filtering- Enterprise Grade Anti-Spam Service

Spam email - or unsolicited junk email sent in bulk -  is notorious for the constant aggravation that it causes, cluttering mailboxes and distracting employees from the task at hand. That being said, the fact that spam email is also a serious security threat often gets overlooked. Many messages contain email scams such as phishing and ransomware, which can result in compromised credentials, reputation damage and financial loss. 

As spam email persists in threatening email servers and interfering with user productivity, more organizations than ever are implementing cloud-based spam filtering to prevent the disruption and security risks associated with spam email. An effective cloud-based anti spam solution identifies and blocks spam email before it reaches your system, safeguarding your inbox and your users.

What Is Cloud-Based Spam Filtering?

cloud-based spam filtering is a solution that stops spam before it reaches your company's network. It keeps spam messages out of employee inboxes, which in turn safeguards you from possible malicious content entering & spreading across your network. The potential consequences of undetected Spam Email are productivity loss, malware infection, ransomware, phishing, data loss, or loss of repuatation.

As with most software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, a hosted anti spam service is the one which available on demand, is simple & quick to implement, has minimal maintenance overheads, gives you complete control over setting policies and requires no capital investment.

Cloud-based anti-spam software enables businesses to implement an anti-spam solution quickly and affordably, as there is no software to purchase and maintain or hardware to install.

Defend Against Spam Email with Guardian Digital’s Integrated Cloud-Based Spam Filtering Services

Guardian Digital offers highly effective cloud-based spam filtering services as part of its all-in-one Enterprise grade Cloud Email Security platform for Gmail protection & Microsoft 365 email security. Powered by multiple layers of advanced detection engines, EnGarde is informed by the latest threat intelligence and managed around-the-clock by a team of security experts to detect and prevent all spam email from reaching your system.

Guardian Digital recognizes that a defense-in-depth approach is imperative in protecting the inbox from spam email, and complements its cloud-based spam filtering services with other key features including real-time malicious URL protection, layered email authentication protocols and advanced reputation analysis.

Our hosted antispam service actually stops spam before it even gets on your server. Our cloud based solution is also a great choice for small & medium size businesses with no IT staff, as you can let us do the work for you, and enjoy spam-free inboxes.

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