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Company Info

Guardian Digital protects businesses from today's most advanced threats. Learn about our history, our methods, and our commitment to open source and our customers.

Apache SpamAssassin Leads A Growing List of Open-Source Projects Taking Steps to Correct Instances of Racism and White Privilege. Guardian Digital shows its commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

Pioneers of business email security for the past 20 years, Guardian Digital draws on the merits of Open Source coupled with expert engineering and unparalleled customer support.

Cloud-based email security solution utilizes open-source methodology for securing business email, recognized by many for over two decades as the best approach to the problem of maintaining security in a relentlessly dynamic digital environment.

Guardian Digital celebrates twenty-two years of securing email against advanced and emerging threats leveraging a unique combination of open-source methodology, expert full-time system management and support and real-time cybersecurity business insights.

Guardian Digital addresses the limitations of endpoint security solutions in fortifying business email against advanced and emerging threats with a proactive, fully supported email security suite.

Guardian Digital, Inc., is uniquely leveraging open-source methodology to combat emerging COVID-related email threats.

Guardian Digital protects businesses of all sizes against dangerous phishing and ransomware attacks exploiting the holiday season with a unique multi-layered email security solution that also includes expert support and management.

Guardian Digital bolsters inadequate email security defenses provided through Microsoft
Exchange Online Protection (EOP) in Microsoft 365, fortifying Microsoft 365 email against
credential phishing and account takeovers with critical additional layers of proactive, fully
supported protection.

Guardian Digital recognizes the inherent benefits of an open-source development model applied to email security, and is uniquely leveraging Open Source to provide its clients with proactive real-time protection against the targeted spear phishing and zero-day attacks that define the modern email threat landscape.

Cloud-based email security solution utilizes the open source methodology for securing business email, recognized by many as the best approach to the problem of maintaining security in the relentlessly dynamic environment of the Internet.

Guardian Digital protects against email threats like phishing, ransomware and zero-day attacks that initiate the cyberattacks, breaches and data loss that define the modern threat landscape.


We protect your users and your business against today's most advanced threats. Coupled with our protection is the level of support you need to reduce management complexity, support overhead, and exposure to emerging future threats.

Guardian Digital is celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a series of educational and practical initiatives in October, designed to inform businesses on how to better protect their users from the most advanced email security threats.

Guardian Digital protects organizations against the advanced and emerging phishing and ransomware attacks expected to dominate the threat landscape in 2022 with adaptive, multi-layered security defenses and comprehensive support.

Guardian Digital addresses the increasingly critical threat that ransomware poses to business through unique multi-layered protection that includes behavioral analysis, malicious attachment defense and zero-day protection, combined with expert ongoing support.

Guardian Digital addresses critical concerns raised by CISA for organizations to protect against an increase in data-wiping malware and other malicious cyber threats with a fully-managed email security solution that maximizes cyber resilience, adding critical additional layers of defenses against these damaging threats.