Protect Microsoft 365 Users in Our New Reality of Heightened Digital Risk

Microsoft 365 risk is greater than ever. In this new remote work environment, organizations are rushing to deploy Microsoft 365 - and cyber criminals have taken note. Default security provided by Microsoft is ineffective in safeguarding users against credential phishing and account takeovers.

Learn how to fortify Microsoft 365 and protect remote workers with critical additional defenses.

The Hidden Dangers of Cloud Email for Remote Workers

These emerging attacks take advantage of our anxieties surrounding the current pandemic, distracted remote workers and vulnerabilities in popular cloud platforms.

Advanced coronavirus-related phishing and malware attacks

These emerging attacks take advantage of fear surrounding the current pandemic, remote workers’ distracted behavior and vulnerabilities in popular cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to trick users, compromise accounts, steal sensitive information and infect systems with destructive malware. In these attacks, cyber criminals take advantage of our anxieties related to this crisis with deceptive social engineering tactics such as impersonating government agencies, advertising fraudulent test kits and asking for donations.

Insecure networks due to lack of resources

Many businesses - especially smaller businesses - lack adequate security resources and experience, making safeguarding remote workers online a significant challenge for these companies. In this new environment brought about by COVID-19, securely configuring networks is highly complex - with far more potential points of compromise than ever before. Administrators are taking shortcuts to enable remote access - further increasing digital risk. Organizations cannot rely on overworked IT staff to keep their users safe online - and one small mistake could lead to a serious security incident.


Hasty installs often lead to misconfigured platforms, resulting in poor cloud security

Administrators are rushing to deploy cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 and G Suite to accomodate the sudden increase in remote workers due to COVID-19. Hasty installs often lead to misconfigurations and overlooked vulnerabilities, resulting in compromised cloud security and increased likelihood of cyberattacks and breaches.


"Thirty percent of phishing attacks make it through existing systems and are opened by target users."

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security

Guardian Digital helps organizations protect against targeted spear phishing attacks with a defense-in-depth approach to securing business email accounts - eliminating the increased risk of human error in this remote work environment by preventing ALL malicious email from reaching the inbox. Key benefits of fortifying your business email with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security include:

Versatile, Multi-Layered Protection Against Phishing and Ransomware

Defense-in-depth is crucial in securing cloud email. No single security feature is sufficient in combating sophisticated emerging exploits. Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security consists of multiple layers of purpose-driven technology, all working harmoniously to detect and block threats to business email in real-time. EnGarde is constantly learning and updating itself to remain ahead of the latest attacks. Our solution seamlessly integrates with all existing mail systems, providing the critical additional layers of defenses necessary to safeguard cloud email users against phishing, ransomware and other dangerous exploits.

Combats Sender Fraud with Advanced Authentication and End-to-End Email Vigilance

Email authentication is essential in detecting email spoofing and sender fraud and protecting sensitive information shared via email. Guardian Digital implements email encryption and sender authentication to its fullest, verifying the legitimacy of each email delivered using multiple advanced authentication protocols including SPF, DMARC and DKIM.


Remotely Managed and Fully-Supported

On-premise email security solutions are inefficient and largely ineffective. Many small businesses are unable to employ a full-time IT department or mail administrator - leaving these companies especially vulnerable to cyberattacks and breaches. Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security is the clear answer to this common problem, providing businesses with cost-effective, fully-managed email protection accompanied by exceptional around-the-clock customer support. We partner with you in keeping your business safe and productive, providing you with invaluable peace-of-mind in this uncertain time.


"With their track record of strong, secure products, great support, and the added cost and user benefits of Linux, Guardian Digital was the clear choice for me."

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