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Making Microsoft Exchange Safe for Business with Critical Additional Email Defenses

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Securing Exchange Email Servers from Phishing, Spam, Unknown Viruses & Malware

The on-premises Microsoft Exchange email infrastructure continues to serve the communication needs of millions of organizations worldwide - favored by many for its stability, predictability and efficiency. However, Exchange falls short in one critical area: security. Microsoft itself has warned that Exchange email servers are an increasingly popular target among threat actors looking to gain access to sensitive credentials, compromise accounts and steal money from businesses.


EOP Alone Is Not Enough to Keep You Safe

Exchange Online Protect (EOP) - the default protection that Microsoft provides Exchange users - is insufficient in combating sophisticated, modern threats, and additional security defenses are needed to safeguard users against phishing, ransomware and advanced fileless attacks. According to the FBI, 30% of phishing attacks make it through existing systems and are opened by target users. 

Comprehensive, layered protection is essential in keeping Exchange users ahead of persistent and emerging attacks.

Traditional defenses have fallen behind, no longer able to keep pace with rapidly-evolving, increasingly evasive threats. Cyber criminals are crafting their attack campaigns to dodge traditional security defense mechanisms - rendering signature-based antivirus and anti-malware software ineffective in protecting against today’s inbound email attacks, which frequently leverage advanced payload-less and fileless techniques. More is needed to safeguard Exchange users in this heightened digital threat environment.


Fortify Exchange Email
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Fortify Your Exchange Environment with an Innovative, Integrated Cloud Email Security Solution

Defense in Depth is Key to Securing Microsoft Exchange Email

The harsh reality is that your Microsoft Exchange email system has little to no built-in security - leaving users, data and key assets vulnerable to malicious attacks. Multi-layered defenses designed to effectively complement EOP are essential in safeguarding against everything from aggravating spam email to targeted spear phishing attacks and evasive zero-day exploits. 

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security makes Exchange safe for business with multiple layers of integrated, purpose driven security designed to fill the gaps in EOP’s built-in security features. For over two decades, we have been uniquely leveraging an innovative, collaborative approach to software development - which enables us to access tools and resources from a vibrant, global community in a way that no other vendor can - to offer Exchange users flexible, affordable and exceptionally secure email protection.


A Solution Ahead of Its Time

Guardian Digital acknowledges that modern threats demand modern defenses, and has engineered an innovative solution designed to keep Exchange users ahead of the latest, most sophisticated exploits. We scan all URLS and attachnments in real-time to detect malicious links and files leading to compromise, and analyze hundreds of thousands of attributes of each email that passes through our gateway prior to delivery - ensuring that only legitimate, safe mail reaches your inbox. To protect against email spoofing and sender fraud, we implement layered email authentication protocols to verify the identity of the sender. The use of behavior analysis and Artificial Intelligence enable EnGarde to identify advanced threats that would go undetected by traditional security defenses.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security Key Features & Benefits

  • Keeps Exchange users ahead of persistent and emerging email attacks
  • Safeguards against phishing, ransomware, impersonation scams and spam email
  • Protects sensitive data and prevents email fraud
  • Fortifies Exchange email against credential phishing and account takeovers
  • Enhanced security through a modern, multi-layered design 
  • Provides complete end-to-end control of your email infrastructure
  • Seamless integration and managed services eliminate the need for a full-time IT department, ensure email continuity and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Expert around-the-clock customer support services

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