Guardian Digital Support

Additional Support Options

Professional Engineering Services

Guardian Digital Professional Engineering Services is a menu of application and system engineering options unique to Guardian Digital. Designed to provide the flexibility to customize any of Guardian Digital’s security and productivity applications to perfectly fit the demands of any corporation, Guardian Digital Professional Engineering Services are cost-effective and the best way to ensure optimum functionality for corporate networks. Guardian Digital technical engineers will work with you to deliver ideal solutions through software development services, system architecture and design services, and authoritative advice.

Premium Support Services

We want to understand your people and your mail environment to protect you better. Guardian Digital offers multiple levels of service to meet your specific business needs, including standard support and Premimum, all-hours support that provides proactive service and even mail system analysis, where we can build protection specific to your environment unlike no other provider.
  • 24x7x365 Advanced Technical Support
  • Around the clock system monitoring
  • Ongoing monitoring of health and environmental statistics of all systems
  • Personalized and comprehensive monthly device reports
  • Best practice advice, and guidance from Premium Support Services Engineers for optimal performance
  • Premium Reports detail dozens of important metrics specific to your installation, including mail volume, long term trending, all in a format easily digestible by technical stakeholders and upper management alike.