Office 365 Email Security

Protect Office 365 Against Advanced Targeted Attacks & Phishing Scams

Secure Office 365 Against Advanced Targeted Attacks and Phishing Scams

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Email Security For Office 365 From Phishing, Brand Theft, Malware & Spam

O365 Email Security is about defense in depth. This axiom has never been truer than with Microsoft and their Office 365 email and collaboration platform. Microsoft's basic email security features available with their Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) relies only on traditional filtering techniques, ineffective against today's most malicious threats. Office 365 advanced email security provided by Guardian Digital is an industry-leading solution that is deployed by businesses who care about their data, brand & users.

Email is an organization's most important communication method, but also the system most susceptible to attack. Virtually all threats begin with malicious code in an email. More is needed to ensure your users are protected from these types of attacks.

EnGarde Business cloud email security provides multiple layers of additional protection against today's most dangerous digital threats to your users including targeted credential phishing, zero-day attacks and malicious URLs. Guardian Digital uses advanced machine learning and capitalizes on the many inherent benefits of open source to provide a more sophisticated solution to detecting phishing messages.

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Office 365 Protection Demands Multi-Layered Defense

Microsoft Office 365 provides email and collaboration services to more than 185 million customers, also making it one of the biggest and most lucrative targets for cybercriminals and hackers. Threat actors are using increasingly advanced social engineering tactics to craft highly-targeted and deceptive phishing campaigns for the possibility to compromise millions of accounts. Attackers frequently utilize credential phishing emails in an attempt to trick users into sharing private information, data or credentials. These malicious emails often contain fraudulent login pages that can lure users into sharing credentials which can then be used to launch further cyber attacks.

In fact, a recent vulnerability in the system Microsoft developed to protect URLs in email messages from malicious content was compromised, leaving Office 365 businesses unprotected against malware, phishing campaigns, ransomware and other threats initiated using malicious URLs. 

Our layered defense strategy using multiple security features and controls continues to provide protection for your users, preventing the attackers from succeeding where Microsoft fails.

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Effective Microsoft Email Security Strategy

What is your strategy for preventing loss of email communication using Office 365? How long can you remain productive without email? Guardian Digital makes Office 365 safer for business.

Only Guardian Digital, with decades of email security expertise and our adaptive email security solution using advanced open source threat protection technology, can you be sure your users are protected effectively. Our multi-layered detection engines go beyond traditional methods to effectively complete the security features your users need when using these platforms.

Advanced security protocols including DKIM, SPF and DMARC add verifiable information to email messages about the sender of an email message to help prevent spoofing, which is the basis for all phishing messages. 

Fraudulent emails are rapidly and accurately identified and quarantined, mitigating the risk of data theft, credential harvesting and account takeover. Our secure cloud platform includes advanced email security with multiple detection engines that are each designed to block spear-phishing, ransomware, malware and other attacks on your organization's most trusted assets.

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Additional Email Protection Layers Leads to Positive Results

We're here to help you every step of the way. Getting set up on Office 365 Email Security provided by Guardian Digital is simple and intuitive. EnGarde sits between the Office 365 environment and the Internet, processing inbound and outbound emails before being sent to its destination. Our email security for Office 365 is Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with an off the shelf & easy connectivity to Microsoft Office 365.

Combined together, EnGarde and Office 365 provides a single integrated platform for detection, prevention, and remediation of all types of email threats. We include a comprehensive support plan and a dedicated support team, acting as an extension of your IT staff to address every concern you have, ensuring your success with us from the beginning.

Guardian Digital is the always-on, integrated email security cloud solution that reduces the complexity of protecting Office 365 users from credential phishing, credential theft and account takeover.