Tip - Don't Rely on Native Microsoft 365 Email Protection Alone

Fortify cloud email against attacks with critical layers of additional protection.

Microsoft 365 email is highly vulnerable to attack without critical additional layers of proactive supplementary protection in place, leaving users and key business assets susceptible to credential phishing, account takeovers and other dangerous threats daily. Despite the existing email security defenses provided by Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) in Microsoft 365, 85% of users have experienced an email data breach over the past year. 

Watch: Microsoft 365 Email Security Limitations You Should Know

Native capabilities of Microsoft 365 email security are limited:

Protection is static, single-layered and unable to anticipate emerging attacks.

EOP lacks the customization required to meet businesses’ varying security needs.

The platform’s homogeneous architecture makes it easier for attackers to bypass security defenses.

Microsoft 365 is complex to configure securely.

Learn more in a free brochure explaining the limitations of native Microsoft 365 email security.

How Can I Make Microsoft 365 Email Safe for Business?

To bolster EOP’s protection and reap the benefits of Microsoft 365 without sacrificing security, businesses should implement an intelligent, multi-layered supplementary email security solution that provides:

Real-time phishing and malware protection

Customized account takeover protection

Architectural security through defense in depth

Expert, ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and support

Learn more in a free brochure explaining how to make Microsoft 365 email safe for business.

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