Learn the Steps in a Social Engineering Attack

Learn the anatomy of a social engineering attack so you can better protect yourself & your business.

Did you know manipulation of information and people into revealing confidential information accounts for 98% of all cyberattacks? 

Social engineering attacks rely on human error and exploiting relationships as attackers know that building trust gets the job done.

To learn how social engineering attacks work and how to avoid them, Guardian Digital teaches you the anatomy of a social engineering attack.

Watch: Anatomy of a Social Engineering Attack

Anatomy of a Social Engineering Attack

Phase 1: Gather Information

Cybercriminals scour social media profiles, corporate websites, marketing databases and online archives to identify and research targets.

The more information cybercriminals find, the easier deception is as research helps select the context and attack methods to use in their scams.

Phase 2: Establish Trust

Through spear phishing emails and social media messages mimicking a known individual or brand, attackers establish trust with their targets.

Phase 3: Deliver Emails 

Cybercriminals convince targets to share sensitive information without carefully assessing the legitimacy of the sender of the email.

Phase 4: Reap Rewards

Attackers receive and launder funds, or they extract valuable data from compromised accounts.

How Can I Secure Business Email Against Social Engineering Attacks?

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