Tip - Familiarize Yourself with the Anatomy of a Whaling Attack

Learn the anatomy of a whaling attack so you can better protect yourself & your business.

You’ve seen phishing attacks, but what about whaling, a variation of phishing that targets high profile executives, or “whales”? 

Executives have all access to sensitive data and ability to authorize high-value wire transfers to make them valuable attack targets. 

To defend against whaling, knowledge is power, so let Guardian Digital educate you on the anatomy of a whaling attack.

Watch: Anatomy of a Whaling Attack

Anatomy of a Whaling Attack

Phase 1: Research

Cybercriminals invest extensive time into researching targets to make their fraudulent emails as deceptive as possible.

Attackers get information from data breach and websites to build their target list by identifying key executives and their relationships.

Higher-ups are more publicized online with bios on websites and networking information that gives cybercriminals easy research.

Phase 2: Build Attack

Attackers manipulate human psychology to develop convincing emails impersonating good colleagues of targeted higher-ups.

Cybercriminals portray authority figures of a target organization or partnering company to have good odds of convincing a higher-up.

Phase 3: Launch Campaign

Cybercriminals launch whaling campaigns targeting high profile executives they’ve identified in their target list with spoofing. 

Some use malicious links to download malware or direct the victim to a fake website login page requesting a username and password.

Phase 4: Reap Rewards

Urgency and trust convince the victim to proceed with the request in the malicious email to cause a data breach or significant financial loss. 

Some threat actors gain access to the higher-up’s email address to impersonate them using their actual accounts to deceive all employees.  

Whaling - a $12.5 billion scam! - results in fraudulent wire transfers and reputation harm.

How Can I Secure Business Email Against Whaling Attacks?

Our email security solution finds and intercepts whaling threats, mitigates risk and provides your organization with peace of mind.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security’s technology proactively learns and distributes defenses for specific threats targeting you.

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