Implement TLS to Keep Your Email Secure

Employed by nearly all leading email providers ISPs, TLS is a powerful tool in the defense-in-depth approach in the security of business email and the protection of sensitive information.

Set up Enforced TLS in Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

The task of setting up enforced TLS in Microsoft 365 Exchange Online is quick and painless, requiring only the domain name of the organization establishing enforced TLS and a valid email address from the domain. To set up enforced TLS with a vendor, that vendor will need to configure their email server to enforce TLS as well. This mutual configuration assures that all email is encrypted and sent securely across the Internet. The process of setting up enforced TLS in Microsoft 365 Exchange Online is broken up into two steps: creating both an outbound and inbound TLS connector.

Set up Enforced TLS Compliance in Google Workspace

Google Workspace supports TLS; however, the sender and receiver must both accept TLS compliance to ensure a secure connection. Gmail will always use a secure connection for an email to be sent and delivered from specific domains and email addresses if the secure transport (TLS) is added.

Next Steps

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