Tip - Backing up Your Data and Isolate Your Backups Offline

Implement a layered data backup strategy and isolate backups you create offline to mitigate the impact of a potential ransomware attack.

The prevalence and impact of ransomware has become clearly apparent. Ransomware is a type of malware designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money in the form of untraceable Bitcoin is paid. It does this by encrypting a victim’s files until they have made the payment demanded by the attacker.

While backing up your files on a regular basis may reduce the devastation caused by a potential ransomware attack, backups are becoming less reliable as ransomware evolves. Threat actors are getting smarter, attacking backups to prevent recovery.

That being said, there are various best practices that users should engage in to protect their backups from ransomware.

Supplement backups with additional copies and third-party tools.

Keep multiple copies of important files at multiple locations.

Isolate backups - The more barriers that exist between an infected system and its backups, the harder it will be for ransomware to attack these backups.

Test your backups! Perform restoration exercises on a regular basis to identify any issues that may exist with your backups.

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