Conduct Regular Email Security Audits

Conducting frequent email security audits is critical in understanding your email risk, the effectiveness of your current email security strategy and measures you can take to improve your email security posture. We encourage you to use our free Email Security Assessment Toolkit to determine your business email risk in under 2 minutes.

Find out what is required to safeguard your users, your data, and your reputation from targeted phishing, ransomware, and the other evasive threats you face every day.

Learn how to fortify cloud email against spear phishing attacks and account takeovers with two complimentary eBooks.

Get a free one-on-one consultation with a Guardian Digital security expert to receive customized advice on how you can improve your email security now.

Next Steps

Perform frequent audits to help you understand your email risk and the effectiveness of your current email security strategy. Find Your Email Risk Now >>

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