Understand How Malware Attacks Work

Learn the anatomy of a malware attack so you can better protect yourself & your business.

Malware is dangerous as it's designed to harm a computer system, but do you know how malware is carried out?

Malware is a file or code that steals or blocks access to data or damages the computer system that has severe repercussions.

Businesses lose 50 days of productivity on average, so to help, Guardian Digital will educate you on the anatomy of a malware attack. 

Watch: Anatomy of a Malware Attack

Anatomy of a Malware Attack

Phase 1: Entry

Ninety-two percent of malware is delivered by phishing emails that trick users into falling for a scam.

Attackers employ deceptive tactics to trick a victim into clicking on a malicious link or attachment in a phishing email.

Phase 2: Initial Compromise

Threat actors gain access to the target organization’s internal network through a compromised system or account.

Fileless malware does not use files as it runs in a computer’s RAM to exploit existing system applications to run malicious code.

Phase 3: Command & Control

Malicious actors establish persistent, remote access to the target environment that can go undetected for months.

Phase 4: Lateral Movement

With a connection established to the internal network, cybercriminals seek to compromise additional systems and accounts.

Phase 5: Exfiltration/ Corruption

Attackers reap the rewards by corrupting critical systems, stealing sensitive data and disrupting business operations.

In the case of ransomware, it blocks access to a victim’s computer system and demands for money in Bitcoin.

How Can I Secure Business Email Against Malware Attacks?

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