Tip - Familiarize Yourself with the Phases of an Account Takeover (ATO) & Lateral Phishing Attack

Learn the anatomy of an ATO & lateral phishing attack so you can better protect yourself & your business.

Access to prominent accounts is the key to infecting multiple different accounts successfully to steal sensitive information. 

ATO allows threat actors to use accounts to mimic victims’ coworkers and helps them get access to other accounts within an organization.

To help prevent business email account compromise, Guardian Digital teaches you the anatomy of an ATO and lateral phishing attack.

Watch: Anatomy of an ATO & Lateral Phishing Attack

Anatomy of an ATO & Lateral Phishing Attack

Phase 1: Credential Theft

An attacker gets legitimate login credentials via a phishing attack designed to trick a victim into sharing sensitive information.

Phase 2: Reconnaissance & Weaponization

The intruder gains insight into the compromised email account’s communications to find new victims to target.

While preparing for lateral phishing attacks, attackers exploit confidential information in the compromised account for personal gain.

Phase 3: Delivery

The attacker sends phishing emails to accounts in the target organization with malware and/or social engineering, so more users take the bait.

These attacks are effective in continuing and magnifying damage inflicted on target organizations.

Phase 4: Reap Rewards

The attacker obtains financial gains or sensitive data to be used in future malicious campaigns via exploitation of the targeted users.

How Can I Secure Business Email Against ATO & Lateral Phishing Attacks?

Our email security solution finds and intercepts ATO and lateral phishing threats, mitigates risk and provides your organization with peace of mind.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security’s technology proactively learns and distributes defenses for specific threats targeting you.

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