Tip - Learn the Steps in a Ransomware Attack

Learn the anatomy of a ransomware attack so you can better protect yourself & your business.

Ransomware, or malware that encrypts critical files until a fee is paid, dominates security news headlines, so people think it's inevitable.

To help you understand how ransomware attacks work, let Guardian Digital teach you the anatomy of a ransomware attack.

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Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

Phase 1: Develop

Cybercriminals develop malicious software that encrypts target files until a ransom payment specified by the attacker is made. 

Cybercriminals purchase ransomware on the Dark Web or use hosted ransomware services to avoid time-consuming commitments.

Phase 2: Deliver

Threat actors use phishing emails by often masquerading as a known or trusted individual or organization.

Phase 3: Demand

When opening the email’s attachment, the ransomware demands payment in untraceable Bitcoin in exchange for getting files back.

Phase 4: Collect

Many that fall victim to ransomware pay the ransom, but victims often never regain control of their systems, even once the ransom is paid.

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