Email Security Intelligence - CISA Issues Urgent Warning to Implement Immediate Cybersecurity Measures

In response to the cyberattacks in Ukraine, including the defacement of government websites and the presence of potentially destructive malware on Ukrainian systems, CISA has published a few tips aimed to protect users from the increase in potential cyber threats.

CISA Insights

Among their recommendations is to be on alert for malicious cyber activity and take concrete actions that every organization can take to:

  • CISA.pngReduce the likelihood of a damaging cyber intrusion, 
  • Detect a potential intrusion, 
  • Ensure the organization is prepared to respond if an intrusion occurs, and 
  • Maximize the organization’s resilience to a destructive cyber incident.

These CISA Insights are intended to ensure that senior leaders at every organization in the United States are aware of critical cyber risks and take urgent, near-term steps to reduce the likelihood and impact of a potentially damaging compromise.

Guardian Digital's Top Cybersecurity Tips

Guardian Digital has also developed a series of additional security tips and a free cybersecurity awareness infographic to help you improve your email security posture to protect against attacks and breaches you may be facing now.

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