Must Read - Microsoft 365 Email Security Limitations You Should Know in 2024

Microsoft 365, also known as Office 365, is used by around 38% of companies, making it one of the most commonly used platforms of cloud-based applications. Microsoft 365’s popularity is driven by the fact that it enables easy collaboration within an organization, even if employees are working remotely. However, Microsoft 365 is a platform that is designed to simplify data and make it easier to access large amounts of sensitive data, which makes it a common target for cyber attackers. Companies need Office 365 email security solutions to protect against cyber threats.

Despite the existing email protection provided by Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP), 83% of users have experienced an email data breach over the past year. Time is of the essence when attempting to detect, respond to, and recover from email threats. Companies that used AI and automation had a 74-day shorter breach lifecycle and saved an average of $3 million versus companies that didn’t utilize these services.

This article will explore where Microsoft 365 email security falls short in safeguarding users and critical business assets against credential phishing, account takeovers, and other dangerous threats that cloud email users face daily. Additionally, we will discuss the type of multi-layered supplementary email protection required to make Microsoft 365 email safe for business.

Watch: Quick Overview of Microsoft 365 Email Security Gaps

Native Capabilities of Microsoft 365 Email Security Are Limited

Watch for critical email security gaps in your Microsoft 365 platform that can lead to phishing and ransomware attacks. To protect against the most sophisticated attacks, email protection must provide more than essential signature detection and blocklists supplied by Microsoft.

Protection Is Static, Single-Layered, and Unable to Anticipate Emerging Phishing Email Attacks

EOP takes a retrospective approach to identifying phishing and malware attacks that do not safeguard against human error. Users need email security services that are more effective in anticipating emerging zero-day attacks, malicious URLs, and attachments not included in their static lists.

Cannot Customize Server to Meet Business’ Varying Email Security Demands

EOP is not adaptable, which results in a limited ability to identify abnormal email threats and social engineering attacks, leaving businesses vulnerable to account takeovers, targeted spear phishing emails, and other phishing attacks that often result in credential theft and data loss.

Homogeneous Architecture Makes it Easier for Attackers to Bypass Email Security Defenses

Due to the uniformity of the Microsoft 365 security system, cyber thieves can open an account, test their methods until they can breach default filters, and reuse these methods in attacks targeting thousands of different accounts.

Complex to Configure Securely 

The Microsoft 365 setup and configuration process requires IT expertise that many SMBs lack. Microsoft fails to assist with setup and ongoing system monitoring, maintenance, and support to prevent misconfiguration vulnerabilities and ensure Microsoft 365 customers have secure email services.

How Can I Make Microsoft 365 Email Safe for Business?

To bolster built-in email protection and reap the benefits of Microsoft 365 without sacrificing security, businesses should implement a proactive, multi-layered supplementary email security software solution like Guardian Digital Engarde Cloud Email Security. EnGarde is explicitly designed to fill the critical voids in built-in Microsoft 365 email protection with the following characteristics and capabilities:

Phishing & Malware Protection

EnGarde uses an intelligent auto-learn system that leverages the vast resources of the open-source community to anticipate and block advanced and emerging email threats in real-time. The intuitive platform conducts a machine learning-based dynamic analysis of all URLs and files to protect against targeted spear phishing emails, ransomware, and other dangerous attacks that often leverage malicious links and attachments. EnGarde's intelligent, multi-layered email vigilance supplements the inherent gaps in EOP’s protection, such as polymorphic virus and fileless malware protection.

Account Takeover Protection

EnGarde leverages advanced AI-based technology to detect the conversation-style anomalies of Email Account Compromise (EAC) and Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams. This format of account takeover protection is customized to address businesses’ specific email security requirements.

System Monitoring, Maintenance & Support

EnGarde fortifies Microsoft 365 email against credential phishing and account takeovers with critical additional layers of security, fully supported by the ongoing system monitoring and support required for early detection of potential issues. The comprehensive email security system offers our real-time cybersecurity business insight into what is needed to keep businesses secure and productive via an interactive Dashboard

Keep Learning About How To Bolster Email Protection

Microsoft 365 is the most used email platform, but its weaknesses make it susceptible to frequent attacks. A third-party email security solution with better cyber security tools is necessary to bolster protection with Microsoft 365.

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