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Russian cyber criminals were able to hack the DNC despite its security defenses and very high level of intelligence. Small and medium sized businesses are at a much greater risk of experiencing an email-related attack. Is your company prepared?


With today’s complex and evolving cyber threat landscape, all businesses should prioritize investing in advanced, comprehensive email threat protection. The hacking that occurred during the 2016 election is a clear example of just how stealthy and dangerous spear phishing attacks can be. Twelve Russian hackers have recently been indicted for spear phishing members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign two years ago, bringing this attack back into the spotlight of the media. By tricking employees and volunteers into clicking on emails from fraudulent accounts, these criminals were able to steal usernames and passwords and eventually break into the networks of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic National Campaign Committee.

The hacking of the of the 2016 election is a large-scale, high-profile example of the harm that a spear phishing email can cause; however, spear phishing campaigns are extremely prevalent and can have disastrous implications for SMBs. The fact that Russian cyber criminals were able to hack the Democratic National Committee despite its high level of intelligence and security defenses implies that smaller, less prepared organizations are at an even greater risk of being hit by a cyber attack. Furthermore, SMB’s often believe that they have nothing of value to an attacker, which is an extremely misguided perception. Small businesses are the most favored targets for ransomware attacks and 60 percent shut down within six months of a breach (US National Cyber Security Alliance).

Spear phishing is also a major threat that SMBs face. Fifty-nine percent of all spear phishing attacks are aimed at small and medium sized businesses. Last year, spear phishing made headlines when Russian hackers targeted the US energy and nuclear sector with emails disguised as DOCX files. Spear phishing is currently one of the most popular methods of cyber attack and is very difficult to detect because the fraudulent emails used in these attacks are highly targeted and carefully written to appear legitimate. Spear phishing emails often contain either a malicious attachment or a URL which links to malicious code. It is crucial for SMBs to recognize the threat that spear phishing and other cyber attacks pose and to invest in a comprehensive security solution that prevents the latest, most advanced threats.


Email isn’t very safe, very private, or very convenient.

- David Koff 

Effective Protection Against the Most Dangerous Email-related Threats

Guardian Digital offers SMBs the most complete and effective protection against all of today’s email-related threats. Guardian Digital’s open source secure email gateway identifies and blocks both known and new attacks, quarantining spear phishing emails in the cloud and preventing them from reaching the inbox. Advanced heuristic capabilities recognize spear phishing attacks that involve even the most obscure malware. Guardian Digital knows that every business is different and has unique needs, and the company is happy to work with organizations’ IT staff to identify the people most at risk of being targeted in a spear phishing attack. This enables the development of individualized solutions that provide the highest level of protection for every business.

Unparalleled Customer Support 

Guardian Digital offers exceptional customer support that provides SMBs with convenient, one-on-one assistance in creating the best overall security solution aimed at keeping companies up and running, thus maximizing profits. As made apparent in recent news, cyber threats are complex, dangerous and very difficult to identify and stop. Guardian Digital’s proactive, all-inclusive email protection suite provides SMBs with the best defense against the ubiquitous dangers that exist in today’s digital world.

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