Email Security Intelligence - What You Need to Know About Open-Source Software Security

While allowing public access to the sensitive behind-the-scenes operation of a program sounds risky, open-source software actually has the potential to be even more secure than a program with hidden code. However, as with any type of software, vulnerabilities still exist and can present a serious security risk if they remain unidentified and unpatched.

The Future Is Open Source

Open-source is software with publicly accessible code that anyone can view and contribute to, and forms the foundation of the Internet we use today. The popularity of open-source code is rising–not only are more programs using open-source code but a larger portion of the average software comes from open-source resources than ever. Today, open-source code can be found in virtually every application we use online, and open-source development is the focus of many of the world’s largest companies. In order to ensure our data online is secure, we must first make sure that the technology that provides this capability is secure.

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