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Cloud-based open-source email security solution
In this interview, Dave Wreski discusses Guardian Digital's email security solutions and the myriad advantages of investing in these solutions to secure your email. 
Guardian Digital Keeps its Customers Protected from Intel Design Flaw
You may have heard that Intel/AMD processors going back a decade all contain serious design flaws that's prompting changes to Linux, Windows, and macOS kernels. Keeping customers secure is always our top priority, and Guardian Digital has taken steps to make sure all of our users are protected.
Q&A: Guardian Digital CEO on open-source security
Since the late '90s, Guardian Digital claims to have blazed a trial in open-source security and today counts Sony, the Chicago Stock Exchange and Piedmont Natural Gas among its marquee customers. Dave Wreski, Guardian Digital chief executive and creator of the open-source security website, answers the questions.

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