Business Email Security Redefined: Key Benefits of Securing Your Business Email with Guardian Digital

Digital threats are evolving to become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect, and organizations have more to lose with an ineffective business email security strategy than ever before. Despite the money and resources that companies are investing in securing their email accounts, attackers’ campaigns are still succeeding. Superior protection is clearly needed to effectively combat modern email threats.

Guardian Digital recognizes this and has developed a comprehensive, adaptive business email security solution that effectively meets the needs of both enterprises and small businesses alike, providing complete, fully-managed protection against new and emerging attacks. This article examines the key benefits of choosing Guardian Digital to secure your organization’s email accounts against today’s advanced attacks.

Increased productivity with a fully-managed solution that blocks the most sophisticated threats to privacy and data integrity in real time

Guardian Digital’s premier business email security solution, EnGarde Cloud Email Security, provides customers with multi-layered, real-time protection against advanced digital attacks including spear phishing, ransomware, zero-day exploits and APTs.

Fully managed remotely by a staff of trained security professionals and support engineers around the clock, this centrally-hosted solution constantly monitors your business email for suspicious activity or signs of an impending attack. Guardian Digital offers clients truly unmatched email vigilance, conveniently providing you with the peace-of-mind to focus on aspects of running your business besides email security.

Rapid updates result in superior protection

A transparent, collaborative approach to software development enables Guardian Digital to engineer foundationally secure solutions, with code that is continually reviewed by a passionate global community for vulnerabilities or flaws. The insight provided by these “many eyes” equips Guardian Digital to rollout rapid updates and fixes for security bugs, providing customers with superior protection against existing and emerging email threats.

Reduced start-up and ongoing costs required to manage the system result in a lower cost of ownership

Guardian Digital’s open, community-powered development philosophy enables the company’s expert developers and engineers to build and run mail systems efficiently and economically, providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective business email security protection. The source code used in Guardian Digital cloud email security solutions is freely available and is shared and utilized by engineers and developers worldwide, keeping both the start-up and ongoing costs associated with running Guardian Digital mail systems down and minimizing the cost of ownership for clients.

Quick and seamless implementation delivers a rapid return on investment and an increased shareholder value to enterprises, service providers and governmental entities worldwide

Guardian Digital’s business email security solutions are highly flexible and adaptable, and can be quickly and seamlessly implemented into organizations’ existing infrastructure, delivering a rapid return on investment and increasing shareholder value. With Guardian Digital professional engineering services, solutions can be easily customized and scaled to meet businesses’ specific and evolving needs. 

Multi-tiered solutions designed to provide all customers with the highest level of security leverage tools and resources from a vibrant worldwide community

Guardian Digital’s solutions are engineered from the ground up to provide customers with exceptional protection, with multiple layers of additional security intentionally added to a highly secure foundation. A transparent, collaborative approach to software development enables Guardian Digital engineers to tap into resources from a vibrant global community in a way that no other business email security provider is capable of doing. Guardian Digital provides ALL customers with the highest level of email protection available, as opposed to selling security in an “a la carte” manner.

Passionate, knowledgeable 24/7/365 customer support that goes above and beyond simple “tech support” 

Guardian Digital places great value on providing customers top-notch, highly accessible  24/7/365 support. Support is the engine that drives a successful, highly effective, vigilant email security solution. Guardian Digital emphasizes building meaningful individual relationships with clients - giving every business the customized attention that it deserves, regardless of size or industry. Guardian Digital’s comprehensive customer support includes around-the-clock system monitoring, guidance from expert engineers, detailed monthly reports and email security best practice advice.

Interested in learning more about how Guardian Digital’s unrivaled email vigilance could benefit your business? Contact us - we’d love to continue the discussion!

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