Email Security Intelligence - Business Email Security Redefined: Key Benefits of Securing Your Business Email with Guardian Digital

As more organizations switch to digital work environments, cybercriminals have improved their email threats to impact servers in an elevated manner. Unfortunately, cybersecurity platforms do not have the proper email protection software in place to prevent phishing emails and other email attack types from infiltrating servers.

Phishing campaigns, account takeover methods, and other issues have developed more as threat actors put money and resources into strengthening their tactics. Businesses must implement secure email protection into their accounts to combat modern email threats effectively. Our IT security professionals at Guardian Digital have recognized the necessity for comprehensive, adaptive solutions that can meet the requirements of any business, small or large. This article will review email security services and the options we provide to users to protect against today’s advanced attacks.

What is an Email Security Service?

Businesses that utilize online platforms for communications and interactions often rely on built-in cybersecurity tools to keep their servers safe. However, these features do not mitigate every issue that comes their way. Email security services typically serve as a third party in an organization, and they prioritize the safety of your business’s online security. This option allows companies to focus on daily operations rather than their threat landscape.

What is Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security?

Guardian Digital has a third-party security software, EnGarde Cloud Email Security, that reduces email threats and prevents various types of email attacks that can cause data loss, financial harm, reputation damage, and more. We have detailed the most prominent benefits of using EnGarde so you can consider them when choosing the right services for your business:

Increase Productivity with a Fully Managed Solution

cybersec tipsGuardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security is a premier business solution providing customers with multi-layered, real-time email protection software to prevent advanced digital attacks from entering servers. Ensure you have the privacy and data integrity you need with a service that can stop phishing emails from flooding systems, prevent malware ransomware, and detect Zero-Day exploits and APTs before they reach inboxes.

Having a staff of fully trained security professionals and engineers can help you monitor your business email for suspicious messages before it is too late. EnGarde’s unmatched email vigilance prevents impending attacks, giving organizations the peace of mind to continue their daily operations without focusing on the latest threats.

Update Email Protection Software Regularly

Guardian Digital offers a transparent, collaborative approach to software development that enables organizations to establish secure email foundations that our global community reviews constantly to take care of the newest cybersecurity vulnerabilities and flaws. These frequent sandboxing malware practices help Guardian Digital create rapid updates and fixes for email security issues that could leave customers susceptible to the latest email threats.

Minimize Costs with the Lowest Cost of Ownership Required

businessman typing wireless keyboardEmail security experts in our open, community-powered development philosophy can help organizations build and run efficient, economically beneficial email systems. This service can provide customers with email protection without worrying about the cost. Guardian Digital has freely available source code that engineers and developers utilize worldwide, permitting the service to remain cost-effective for clients.

With EnGarde’s seamless and quick implementation, organizations can thrive from rapid Return on Investment that can help enterprises, service providers, and government entities with a highly flexible and adaptable infrastructure. Customizing the services to a business’ needs is essential in a professional engineering service, and inexpensive solutions are necessary.

Provide High Levels of Web and Email Security to Users

Customers can leverage cybersecurity tools and resources from a vibrant, worldwide community with the defense-in-depth, collaborative approach to software development that no other provider offers to users. Guardian Digital actively seeks to support users with the highest levels of email protection available and prioritizes satisfying a business’ needs over just offering base-level options.

Gain Constant Customer Support that Goes Above and Beyond

Benefit from customer support that works 24/7/365 to aid clients with any issue they encounter. Our IT security professionals are passionate, knowledgeable individuals who are accessible around the clock, driving successful, effective, vigilant cybersecurity platforms for countless organizations. Frequent system monitoring, expert guidance, and detailed reports can help businesses make more significant decisions about the best practices for email security their company can implement immediately.

Keep Learning About Business Email Security

cybersecEmail security services are crucial to helping businesses thrive. Organizations perform better and improve their reputation more when they do not have to focus on the latest phishing emails and general email threats that could attack their system. Consider Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security software when increasing server security. There are countless benefits to EnGarde, and your organization can prevent data loss, financial issues, compromised accounts, and account takeovers just by installing this service. Learn more by contacting us to discuss how our services can benefit you.

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