Guardian Digital Announces Email Risk Protection Tool To Safeguarding Businesses Against Email Threats

Jan 11, 2024 -- N.J. In a proactive response to the escalating complexity of email-based cyber threats, Guardian Digital announces the launch of its Email Security Assessment Tool. Specifically tailored for users of Microsoft 365 and Gmail, this innovative tool marks a significant stride in the fight against the growing menace of phishing, ransomware, and account takeover attacks.

Guardian Digital's Email Security Evaluation Tool provides a strong and thorough option for companies aiming to strengthen their protection against email-based cyber threats. This tool enables organizations to thoroughly analyze their email systems, identifying vulnerabilities and providing vital insights necessary for enhancing cloud email security.

A spokesperson for Guardian Digital underscores the significance of this development: "As cyber threats evolve and become more sophisticated, it's imperative for businesses to be equipped with tools that not only identify risks but also empower them with effective strategies to reinforce their digital fortifications. Our Email Security Assessment Tool offers a detailed evaluation of email exposure and furnishes businesses with customized recommendations to strengthen their email security protocols."

In addition to the assessment tool, Guardian Digital enhances the value of this offering with two complimentary eBooks. These eBooks delve into the mechanics of spear phishing and account takeover attacks, equipping businesses with the knowledge to understand and counter these sophisticated threats. Furthermore, the opportunity for a free consultation with a Guardian Digital security expert is provided, ensuring businesses receive personalized advice to optimize their email security posture.

Upon completing the assessment, businesses will receive an Email Risk Score. This critical metric reflects the level of email risk they currently face and the efficacy of their existing email security strategies. Clients will also get tailored recommendations for improving email defenses, addressing the unique challenges posed by the current cyber threat landscape.

About Guardian Digital

Guardian Digital stands at the forefront of email security solutions and is committed to making email safe for business. The company's services cater to organizations of varying sizes, offering comprehensive defenses against the most advanced threats, including targeted spear phishing, ransomware, and emerging zero-day attacks. Guardian Digital's adaptive email protection system is enhanced by continuous support, providing a secure digital ecosystem for businesses. The company's innovative approach to email security incorporates the collaborative and transparent ethos of open-source development, yielding more secure and resilient technology.

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